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The Catalogue is a Habbo function that is located on the task bar. Here you are able purchase furniture and effects from the many permanent and temporary categories, although not all furniture can be bought directly from the catalogue.

This feature has been around since Habbo began and has been through a number of changes throughout the years, although its structure has remained visually similar.

Original Catalogue

The original Habbo catalogue included 14 categories, with 3 additional seasonal ranges

Permanent Categories

  • Spaces - Wallpaper and flooring in different colours.
  • Doors - Sold telephone Box, portaloo and wardrobe teleports.
  • Lodge - Selection of gold wooden tables, dividers and other items.
  • Iced - A selection beige benches and sofas.
  • Pura - Modern furniture, including fridges, lamps and beds.
  • Mode - This category sold shiny metallic furniture such as tables, dividers, sofas, and fireplaces.
  • Rugs - Sold a colourful selection of doormats and floor rugs.
  • Bathroom - Sold loos, baths, sinks - and of course rubber ducks!
  • Gallery - A selection of posters.
  • Extra - Otherwise known as accessories, this category contained anything from TVs to plants.
  • Special Offers - Came in place for the previously deleted Deals page

Seasonal Categories

  • Halloween - The first seasonal category, you could buy pumpkins, spider webs, skull candles and posters.
  • Christmas - Christmas trees, Christmas pudding, poinsettias - festive furniture!
  • Love - Arrived around February 2002, this category had love sofas, bunnies, and heart stickies.

Improved Catalogue

Over the years, the catalogue has received different designs and new features have been implemented.

Current Categories

Along with the existing ones above, there are other categories that have been added over time.

  • Anna - A Colourful furniture range.
  • Base - Basic furniture range in a plethora of different colours.
  • Bots - Sells two types of bots, the more expensive model can dispense drinks.
  • Country - Sells furniture that allow users to create forest, meadows and other nature style rooms.
  • Cubie - This range sells furniture and wall art which revolve around storage utilisation and street art.
  • Diner - American diner themed furniture.
  • Dorm - University dorm furniture, launched with the 2014 Back to School campaign.
  • Gardening - Garden themed furniture.
  • Health Spa - Health Spa furniture to create your own relaxing retreat.
  • Kitchen - Stoves, sinks, fridges and your very own kitchen inspector!
  • Monster Plants -
  • Neon - Sells party and club furniture fit for any nightclub.
  • Pets - Originally you could just buy cats and dogs, although this has expanded to accommodate crocodiles, lions, horses and many more.
  • Plants - Bonsais to Yuccas!
  • Pool - A range that allows users to create their own Lido! You can purchase water patches, inflatables and other water-side accessories!
  • Rollers - Come in different colours and used to speed up queues.
  • Stories - Furniture relating to Habbo Stories campaigns, such as Shakespeare.
  • Tents - Selling 4 to 25 men tents, nobody can hear what you say inside them if they are outside!
  • Trophies - Come in bronze, silver and gold and different styles.
  • USVA - Supposedly stands for Ultra Sonic Virtual Art, this range comes with a great range of colours and new stacking abilities.
  • Windows - Offers a selection of windows in different shapes and sizes.
  • Wired - Allows you to make your rooms more interactive, there are many different triggers, effects and conditions you can buy.

Past Categories

  • Rares - Original 25 credit rares, and then later collectibles.
  • Candy - The only true 'girly' category in old Habbo, these were a pink versions of the mode category.
  • Deals - A choice of special packages that include sets of tables and chairs to rugs and plants.
  • Coco - Patterned wooden furniture that include chairs and tables.
  • Tiki - A tropical themed category that sells patches, dividers and other ornaments.
  • Area - Originally called "Silo", it functioned as simple office style furniture.
  • Plasto - A colourful range of plastic furniture.
  • Glass - Modern and transparent tables and chairs.
  • Gothic - Castle like furniture, selling portcullises, gothic tables and chairs and much more.
  • Grunge - Basement style furniture.
  • Romantique - Old fashioned French furniture.
  • SciFi - Sold spaceship parts and other futuristic items.
  • Waasa - Wooden tables and chairs.
  • Executive - This range sold office furniture mainly in black, but then in white for a limited time.
  • Habbowood - Hollywood style furniture including spotlights and red carpets.
  • Hospital - Self explanatory.
  • Runway - Brought in with a fashion campaign in 2010.
  • School - This category included school buses, chalkboards, lockers and much more!
  • Urban - Furniture designed to look like a street in a city. Here you could buy pavements, benches, walls, prison furniture in 2010, and also skateboard furniture later in 2011.
  • Asian - Chinese-style polished wooden furniture.
  • Alhambra - Arabian themed furniture.
  • Greek - Used for the HabbOlympics in 2008, includes gates, walls, pillars and trophies.
  • Shalimar - Bollywood inspired range of furniture released for valentines 2009.
  • Lost Tribe - Jungle and Aztec themed furniture range.
  • Bensalem - The theme: A lost city at the bottom of the sea.
  • Drago - Dungeon furniture with a dragon theme.
  • Pirate - Ship parts.
  • Easter - Seasonal category - sold egg baskets, hatchable eggs etc.
  • Camera - Allowed you to buy a camera and film to take pictures in rooms, and then display as sticky notes. This feature was removed after Habbo went into Beta in 2009.

Other Features

  • Credit Furni - Here you can buy credit furniture, such as Coins and Gold Bars which are redeemable, although there is a commission taken to buy them.
  • Marketplace - This is a place where users can sell their furniture on the open market.
  • Habbo Club - Here you can join HC for 25 Credits, which will last a month per 3 months for 60 Credits.
  • Groups - Allows you to buy a group.
  • Duckets - You can spend them on effects, furniture rentals, events, and even a pet cat!
  • Ecotron - Where you can recycle 5 pieces of furniture for a chance to win one of 19 prizes.
  • Thursday Temptations - A themed bundle of furniture costing 10 credits which was changed each week. Removed.