Gift Items

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Gift Items
Release date: December 2011
Season: Christmas
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club

The Gift Items furniture range was first released in the catalogue on December 9th, 2011. This range is one of the cheapest furniture lines, with the most expensive piece in this line being 6 Credits, the rest being either 1 or 2 Credits. Everything in the range is tradeable, and this provides an excellent opportunity for users to buy one another gifts during the Christmas or Valentines period, thus why the range was first released in December and being re-released every year.


Name Image
MyPod Docking Station Mypod.png
Adonis Statue Manlystatue.png
Coal Coal.png
Dandelions Dand.png
Handbag Handbag.png
Incense Incense.png
Weird toy Weird toy.png
Game Console Console.png
Joystick Joystick.png
Model Car
Necklace Necklace.png
Piggy Bank Piggy bank.png
Toaster Toaster.png
Books Books.png
Books Gift Books.png
Pencils Gift pencils.png
Scratch Pad Gift Scratchpad.png
Organizer Gift organizer.png
Paper Balls Gift paperballs.png
Picture Frame Frame.png
Joyful Gift Bag Xmas giftbag.png