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Release date: March 2009
Season: N/A
Available from: Builders Club

The Automobile range of furniture originally came to the hotel in March 2009 but was later removed and brought back to life in February 2013. Originally in 2009, they were available using Pixels. At the same time as this, there were also effects available which would turn a Habbo into a vehicle, the items were available for a mixture of credits and pixels. After the removal of Pixels the range was available for Duckets, Credits or a combination of both.


Name Image
Safety Cone Car cone.gif
Road Signs Car sign.gif
Traffic Lights Car light.gif
Bumper Tyres Car tires.gif
Road Car track.gif

Avatar Effects

RebelMobile RebelMobile.png 139 Duckets
HelpMobile HelpMobile.png 139 Duckets
BluesMobile BluesMobile.png 139 Duckets