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Release date: Unknown
Season: N/A
Available from: Catalogue
Builders Club
“Move your imagination, while you move your Habbo! Perfect for mazes, games, for keeping your queue moving or making your pet go round in circles for hours.”

Rollers are animated furniture items which can be placed into user created rooms on Habbo. They were once commonly used for stacking or merging pieces of furniture, a function since supplanted by the introduction of the Stack Magic Tile, but rollers are also used for queues in event rooms and to cause difficulty in mazes. Due to animation and lag issues, there is a maximum number of rollers that can be placed in any one room.

Quite simply, a roller will roll a user/piece of furniture in the direction that is pointing - users cannot be rolled into unwalkable/unsittable items and Habbos cannot be rolled "out" of a room (the entrance tile will simply be stood on if rolled onto it), or through a wall.

There are a few different styles of Rollers; Habboween Rollers, HC Rollers, SciFi Rollers, Habbo Palooza Rollers (misspelled as "Roller Coster[sic] Track" ever since release) and regular rollers in varying colours. Regular Rollers were released first, and had several recolours before the HC Rollers were introduced.


Name Motto Image
Aqua Habbo Roller Movin' on up!
Aqua Roller.png
Black Habbo Roller Movin' on up!
Black Roller.png
Blue Habbo Roller Movin' on up!
Blue Roller.png
Gold Habbo Roller Movin' on up!
Gold Roller.png
Green Habbo Roller Movin' on up!
Green Roller.png
Pink Habbo Roller Movin' on up!
Pink Roller.png
Purple Habbo Roller Movin' on up!
Purple Roller.png
Red Habbo Roller Movin' on up!
Red Roller.png
Teal Habbo Roller Movin' on up!
Teal Roller.png
Silver Habbo Rollers Movin' on up!
White Roller.png
SciFi Roller Moving through space.
Scifi roller.gif
HC Roller Highest class transportation
HC Roller.png
Ghost Train Track Roll into the darkness
Ghost Train Track.png
Ghost Train Left Corner Hold on tight!
Ghost Train Corner Left.png
Ghost Train Right Corner Hold on tight!
Ghost Train Corner Left.png
Roller Coster Track Rollercostertrack1.gif
Roller Coster Track Rollercostertrack2.gif
Roller Coster Track Rollercostertrack3.gif
Spring Rapids Easter c20 rapids.png