Bohemian Festival

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Bohemian Festival
Release date: June 2019
Season: N/A
Available from: MarketPlace
Previous Campaign:
Fairytale Easter
Next Campaign:

Bohemian Festival was a Habbo campaign and furni range that ran throughout June 2019. There was a new large furni range released, a new Crafting system, new Clothing, four New Rares, six collectible Skull Masks, the Grace the Alpaca Limited Edition Rare, two new Room Bundles and two re-released Room Bundles.


Catalogue Furniture

Name Image Name Image
Dreamcatcher Dreamcatcher.png Bobba Tea Stand Bobba Tea Stand.png
Coal Ice Cream Stand Coal Ice Cream Stand.png Festival DJ Rig Festival DJ Rig.png
Festival Ticket Stall Festival Ticket Stall.png Festival Falafel Stall Festival Falafel Stall.png
Luxury Festival Tent Luxury Festival Tent.png Desert Horizon Desert Horizon.png
Orange Festival Curtain Orange Festival Curtain.png Festival Totem Pole Festival Totem Pole.png
Festival Flags Festival Flags.png Pink Festival Cushion Pink Festival Cushion.png
Pink Festival Parasol Pink Festival Parasol.png Festival Brazier Festival Brazier.png
Hanging Festival Decorations Hanging Festival Decorations.png Festival Palm Tree Festival Palm Tree.png
Festival Stage Festival Stage.png Bohemian Forest Lamp Bohemian Forest Lamp.png
Pink Festival Cushion Pink Festival Cushion.png Indigenous Didgeridoo Indigenous Didgeridoo.png
Festival Bongos Festival Bongos.png Guru's Sitar Guru's Sita.png
Artisanal Wooden Speakers Artisanal Wooden Speakers.png


The crafting guide

Eight items of clothing were able to be crafted using an Artisan Sewing Box. Ingredients needed were a Book of Patterns (which would give the user one of four patterns) and Artisan Sewing Material. Using these ingredients would create 4 of the items, and they could each be upgraded further to make a even rarer version.

There was also dye available to create different colours of four of the Catalogue Furniture items, the Orange Festival Curtains and Pink Festival Parasol and both Cushions could be dyed green or purple.

Name Image
Artisan Sewing Box (crafting table) Artisan Sewing Box (crafting table).png
Book of Patterns (OPEN ME!) Book of Patterns (OPEN ME!).png
Artisan Sewing Material Artisan Sewing Material.png
Purple Festival Dye Purple Festival Dye.png
Green Festival Dye Green Festival Dye.png
Backpack Patterns Backpack Patterns.png
Shirt Patterns Shirt Patterns.png
Facepaint Patterns Facepaint Patterns.png
Headgear Patterns Headgear Patterns.png
Bohemian Backpack Bohemian Backpack.png
Gemstone Facepaint Gemstone Facepaint.png
Crystal Bead Tiara Crystal Bead Tiara.png
Bohemian Facepaint Bohemian Facepaint.png
Gemstone Tiara Gemstone Tiara.png
Bohemian Tunic Bohemian Tunic.png
Bohemian Vest Bohemian Vest.png
Rugged Backpack Rugged Backpack.png
Green Festival Curtains Green Festival Curtains.png
Purple Festival Curtains Purple Festival Curtains.png
Green Festival Cushion Green Festival Cushion.png
Purple Festival Cushion Purple Festival Cushion.png
Green Festival Parasol Green Festival Parasol.png
Purple Festival Parasol Purple Festival Parasol.png
Green Festival Cushion Green Festival Cushion1.png
Purple Festival Cushion Purple Festival Cushion1.png


Name Image
Grand Ay Tail Grand Ay Ponytail.png
20 Year Dreads 20 Year Dreads.png
Lake Plunger Bikini Lake Plunger Bikini.png
Flowing Shirt Flowing Shirt.png
Flower-Studded Beard Flower Studded Beard.png
Festival Bum Bag Festival Bum Bag.png
Bohemian Handbag Bohemian Handbag.png

Summer Deal

MFT20.gif The Summer Deal offered Habbos special savings on bronze coins, Habbo Club and included three clothing items, Denim Shorts, Tied Up Top, and Rockstar Headband. It also came with an exclusive Bohemian Dog and badge.

Name Image
Bohemian Dog Bohemian Dog.png

Collectible Skull Masks

left. Six different types of Festival Skull Mask rares were released, they all came with their own badge and there was also a badge for collecting all six.

Name Image Badge
Floral Festival Skull Floral Festival Skull.png MFT13.gif
Seer's Festival Skull Seer's Festival Skull.png MFT14.gif
Mystic Festival Skull Mystic Festival Skull.png MFT15.gif
Bountiful Festival Skull Bountiful Festival Skull.png MFT16.gif
Divine Festival Skull Divine Festival Skull.png MFT17.gif
Opulent Festival Skull Opulent Festival Skull.png MFT18.gif


Name Image Badge
Rainbow Curls Rainbow Curls.png MFT08.gif
Lady Gaia Lady Gaia.png MFT09.gif
Rainbow Shades Rainbow Shades.png MFT10.gif
Gem-Studded Owl Gem-Studded Owl.png MFT11.gif

Limited Edition Rare

Name Image Release Date Quantity Available Quantity Sold Release Price
Grace the Alpaca Grace the Alpaca.png 27th June 2019 324 246 375c

Room Bundles

New Bundles with exclusive furniture

Re-released Bundles


Fansite Live Badge Event


The Official Fansites all hosted a festival Live Event and Habbos received a badge for attending one of the sessions. If they also stayed until the end of the hour, they could also receive an Orange Hippo.