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Room Settings

Room Settings (or Room Info) is a feature on Habbo, where users can control or change certain aspects of their rooms.

As the owner of a room, users get the following options on the Room Info pop-up:


  • Room Name: This displays the current name of the room; to change the name of the room a user can retype the desired name. This is the official name which will show up in the Navigator
  • Add a description: In this box, players can change the brief description of their room (which appears in the Navigator and Room Info popup).
  • Category: Here, players can set what category their room comes under.
  • Maximum amount of visitors: Here is where players can set the amount of visitors that may enter their room before the rest are denied access (10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, or 50).
  • Delete this room: If a user presses this button, it will remove their room from the Client, and all the furniture in the room. In Habbo 2020 this button is replaced with a simple red 'X'.
  • Allow Chat: Allows the room owner to mute everyone in the room.


In this tab, owners can edit who has rights and who has access within their room.

As of the release of Unity only group members can have rights within the owners room.

  • Open - anyone can enter: If a player selects the 'Open' button then anyone can freely visit the room.
  • Friends - only friends can enter: If a player selects the 'Friends' button then only their friends can visit the room.
  • Password - is required to enter room: If a room owner selects this button, then they must enter a password to enter the room. Any user can enter this password.
  • Owner - only the owner can enter: If a player selects this no one else can enter apart from the room owner.

Group Home Rooms Decoration

Only the group owners, members of the group or group admins can decorate in the owner's room. These can vary on which settings you use.

  • Room Owner - only the room owner can decorate within the room.
  • Group Members - any of the members in the group including the owner can decorate within the room.
  • Group Admins - only group admins including the owner can decorate within the room.

Banned Users

In this tab the room owner can view who has been banned from the room. They can also unban the player from this tab.

Room Info for Visitors

When visiting a room, players can press Room Info by pressing the green hexagon next to the chat bar to find out more information about the room. When they click the Room Info tab the following information will be displayed:

  • Room name
  • The owner of the room
  • Room description
  • The group in the room

Text Format

In the Unity client, room names and descriptions are able to be given limited styling options.

Bold Text

<b>[HxHD] Habbox Help Desk</b>

[HxHD] Habbox Help Desk

Italic Text

<i>[HxHD] Habbox Help Desk</i>

[HxHD] Habbox Help Desk

Coloured Text

<color=red>Habbox Help Desk</color>

[HxHD] Habbox Help Desk

<color=#a52a2aff> [HxHD] Habbox Help Desk</color>

[HxHD] Habbox Help Desk

Supported Colours

Any hexadecimal value (beginning with #) can be added to the <color=#_____> tag. Pick a custom hexadecimal value using a service such as htmlcolorcodes.

Only certain colour names (e.g. color=red) are supported. The current supported colours are listed below:

Colour Name Hex value Image
aqua #00ffffff
black #000000ff
blue #0000ffff
brown #a52a2aff
darkblue #0000a0ff
magenta #ff00ffff
green #008000ff
grey #808080ff
lightblue #add8e6ff
lime #00ff00ff
maroon #800000ff
navy #000080ff
olive #808000ff
orange #ffa500ff
purple #800080ff
red #ff0000ff
silver #c0c0c0ff
teal #008080ff
white #ffffffff
yellow #ffff00ff

Previous Settings

With the launch of the new Unity client, some room settings were removed. These include:


  • Visitors had to ring the doorbell: If this button was selected, then either the room owner or someone who had Rights had to let the visitor in.


To configure the settings in this tab, players required an active VIP subscription.

  • Hide room walls: If a user selected this tickbox, then the walls in their room would disappear from view. If this setting was enabled then the user was unable to put any wall furniture down, although if the wall furniture had already been placed it would stay there.
  • Wall Size: Here, players could define how thick the walls in their room would appear. This feature came in 4 different settings: Thinnest Walls, Thin Walls, Normal Walls and Thick Walls.
  • Floor Size: Players could also define how thick the flooring was in their room. This feature also came in 4 different settings: Thinnest Floors, Thin Floors Normal Floors and Thick Floors


This was where players could set their Room Tags, which meant that when users searched for your room, they could either search by Habbo Name or one of the Room Tags.

Room Blocking Disabled

This tickbox allowed users to choose whether visitors to their rooms could walk through each other - thus disabling blocking.

Room Info

  • Room rating
  • Room tags
  • Button which when pressed showed a link that would send users directly to the room.
  • A button which showed a popup box allowing you to "Like" the room on Facebook.


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