New Year 2015

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New Year 2015
Release date: January 2015
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club (Seasonally)
Previous Campaign:
Tropical Xmas
Next Campaign:
Ancient Japan


Catalogue Furniture

A new furniture line was released alongside this campaign to celebrate the New Year. Additionally, the Attic range was released exclusively into the Builders Club catalogue at the end of the month.

Name Image Name Image
2015 Archway New Years Balloons
Party Bar Cupcake Tray
Chocolate Fountain Confetti Ball
Drinks Tray Large Confetti Floor
Small Confetti Floor Glass Table


6 hats were available these included:

Black Party Hat, Gold Party Hat, Orange Party Hat, Purple Party Hat, Turquoise Party Hat and White Party Hat.

Name Image
Party Hat Gift Box


Two new rares were released during this campaign, both of which tied in with the release of the Attic line.

Name Image
Cosmos Telescope
Grandfather Clock

Room Bundles

The following room bundles were released during this campaign.