Summer 2011

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Summer 2011
Release date: 2011
Category: Summer

Summer 2011 brought a whole new idea to Summer on Habbo, not only did players receive a new range, but they also received Seashells to spend and collect. These accumulated towards items such as Sea Thrones and Ice Cream Trollies. However, in the new range that wasn't part of the Shell Gifts, only three items made it onto Habbo!

This range has been popular throughout all seasons and the items within it are worth more than previous ranges released!


Name Image Motto
Ghettoblaster Ghettoblaster.png Blast your fave summer tunes!
Beach Bonfire Beach Bonfire.png PWill set hearts ablaze!
Sunset Wall Sunset Wall.png Like long walks on the beach?

Shell Gifts

Main Article: Shell Gifts

Seashell Gifts were rewards redeemed with seashell points of the promotion during summer 2011. The season included furniture, quests and competitions. There were numerous items you could redeem with your seashells and you gained them by completing the everyday quests set.

Name Image
Blistering Barnacle Blistering Barnacle.png
Star Fish Star Fish.png
Sea Shell Sea Shell.png
Trumpet Shell Trumpet Shell.png
Clam Shell Clam Shell.png
Catch of the Day Catch of the Day.png
Pier Pier.png
Ice Cream Trolley Ice Cream Trolley.png
Rare Sea Throne Rare Sea Throne.png
Rare Sand Dragon Sand Dragon.gif