Basement Band

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Basement Band
Release date: March 2019
Available from: MarketPlace
Previous Campaign:
Romantic Restaurant
Next Campaign:
Fairytale Easter

Basement Band was a Habbo campaign and small furniture line that ran throughout March 2019. It was themed around instruments and making music. There were new permanent clothing items released and also rare clothing items.

A Community Challenge asked Habbos to vote for the Basement Band Drum Kit or Synth. The more popular choice won a badge and Red Panda.


Catalogue Furniture

Name Image
Basement Band Drum Kit Basement Band Drum Kit.png
Basement Band Synth Basement Band Synth.png
Basement Band Guitar Basement Band Guitar.png


Name Image
Long Messy Curls Long Messy Curls.png
High Fade High Fade.png
Frayed Jeans Frayed Jeans.png
Top Buttoned Shirt Top Buttoned Shirt.png


Seven New Rares were released during the month. Two were Rose Pink recolours of two Classic Rares, the Parasol and Smoke Machine. Four were clothing items.

Name Image Badge
Two-Tone Curls Two-Tone Curls.png HBB01.gif
The Bonnie Blonde Mobile The Bonnie Blonde Mobile.png HBB02.gif
Horned Cap Horned Cap.png HBB03.gif
Rose Pink Smoke Machine Rose Pink Smoke Machine.png HBB04.gif
Rocker Boots Rocker Boots.png HBB05.gif
Rose Pink Parasol Rose Pink Parasol.png HBB06.gif
Messy Bangs Messy Bangs.png HBB07.gif

Room Bundles