Alpine Heights

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Alpine Heights
Release date: April 2020
Season: Easter
Previous Campaign:
March 2020
Next Campaign:
Spa Days

Alpine Heights is a furniture range and campaign that ran throughout April 2020 to celebrate Easter [1]. It follows the theme of backpacking and camping.

Items released during this campaign included a new catalogue furniture range, new clothing, the Mermaid and Siren Crackable Rocks, four New Rares, the Fortune Duck Limited Edition Rare, and four Room Bundles. Similar to most seasonal campaigns, the older Easter furniture ranges returned to the catalogue in the Easter Comeback section.

On the first day of the month Habbo announced an update where, due to a dependency issue between the Flash Client and the new Unity Habbo 2020 Client, some avatars would not appear in Public Rooms and instead would appear as a Red Pod. This was, of course, an April Fools joke.

The month was also unique because of the COVID-19 pandemic; which inspired some games and events, including the Balcony Bash live event that was hosted by the Official Fansites. A great number of older users, who did not use Habbo as much as they once did, returned for a reunion party on April 18.

Other events that happened during the month include the [WAH] Welcome to the Alpine Heights! games and the 2020 Habelections.


Catalogue Furniture

Along with this campaign came a new range of furniture.

Name Image Name Image
Camping Essentials Easter c20 campingessentials.png Camping Blanket Easter c20 camprug 64 a 0 0.png
Climbing Rope Easter c20 climbingropetele 64 a 0 0.png First Aid Kit Easter c20 firstaidkit 64 a 4 0.png
Fishing Line Easter c20 fishingpole 64 a 0 0.png Salmon Run Easter c20 fishstream.png
Jar of Critters Easter c20 forestfriends 64 c 2 4.png Heather Patch Easter c20 heather1.png
Heather Rock Easter c20 heatherrock 64 a 2 0.png Whitewater Kayak Easter c20 kayak 64 b 4 0.png
Mountain Flats Easter c20 mountainflats.png Mountain Slopes Easter c20 mountainslopes.png
Cairn Easter c20 ornamentalrocks 64 a 0 0.png easter_c20_picnicfood name Easter c20 picnicfood 64 a 2 0.png
Spring Rapids Easter c20 rapids.png Mountain Rocks Easter c20 rockboulders 64 a 2 0.png
Camping Teepee Easter c20 stickteepee.png Waypoint Rocks Easter c20 waypointrocks1.png
Easter c20 waypointrocks2.png Mossy Fence Image2019-12-20 11-5-22.png
Water Logs Image2019-12-20 11-5-50.png Camping Snacks Image2019-12-20 11-7-24.png
Fallen Leaves Image2019-12-20 11-8-4.png Skinny Tree Image2019-12-20 11-6-53.png


New clothing items were also released for this campaign.

Name Image Name Image
Binoculars Clothing binoculars 64 a 0 0.png Survival Backpack Clothing campingbackpack 64 a 0 0.png
Explorer Sash Clothing explorersash.png Life Vest Clothing puffyvest 64 a 0 0.png
Yoga Pants Clothing yogapants 64 a 0 0.png Yoga Top Clothing yogatop.png
Sports Shades Image2019-12-20 11-9-8.png Sporty Hair Image2019-12-20 11-10-54.png
Graduation Cap Clothing studentcap.png


Two crackable rocks were available for 5 Credits and 5 Diamonds each. There were two different versions with different items inside, the darker Siren Rock and lighter Mermaid Rock. To crack the rock Habbos would need to equip the hammer effect and then they would receive one of four items. They would then need to equip the magic wand effect to 'clean' the item. For both rocks there were three common items and one rarer gold clothing item. The percentage for receiving a common item were 31.25% for each item and for the gold item it was 6.25%.

Mermaid Rock

Easter c20 lightrock.png
Name Image Name Image
Light Royal Protector Easter c20 lightprize3.png Royal Protector Royal Protector.png
Light Jade Dragon Easter c20 lightprize2.png Jade Dragon Jade Dragon.png
Light Easter Goose Easter c20 lightprize1.png Easter Goose Easter Goose.png
Light Imperial Robes Easter c20 lightprize4.png Imperial Robes Image2019-12-20 11-4-1.png

Siren Rock

Easter c20 darkrock.png
Name Image Name Image
Dark Relic Easter c20 darkprize1.png Light Relic Light Relic.png
Dark Earth Pony Easter c20 darkprize2.png Earth Pony Earth Pony.png
Dark Master Monument Easter c20 darkprize3.png Master Monument Master Monument.png
Dark Imperial Crown Easter c20 darkprize4.png Imperial Crown Image2019-12-20 11-3-40.png


Four new rares were released throughout the month, two of which were wearable items.

Name Image Badge
Hop Costume Clothing r20 bunnyoutfit 64 a 0 0.png ALP01.gif
Nature Cap Clothing r20 ponytailcap 64 a 0 0.png ALP02.png
Mystic Tree Easter r20 mystictree.png ALP03.png
Mountain Goat Easter r20 mountaingoat.png ALP04.png

Limited Edition Rare

A new Limited Edition rare, the Fortune Duck, was released on 27 April. There were 504 units available for 250 Credits each, and they all sold out within 81 seconds.

Name Image Badge
Fortune Duck Easter ltd20 fortuneduck.png ALP05.png

Room Bundles

The following room bundles were newly released during this campaign.

The following bundles were re-released during this campaign.


2020 Habelections

The Habelections were announced on April 3rd with an outline of the structure and timeline of the campaign and information on how Habbos could nominate themselves[2]. The President's role would be to be the President of Fun and create competitions for the month of May 2020.

The prizes were a badge for all canidates, one week of Builders Club and Habbo Club for the final three, and the President woudld receive one month of Builders Club and Habbo Club a trophy and another badge.

Badge Name
PT928.png Habelections 2020 - Final 10
PT489.png Habbo President of Fun May 2020

On April 13th, the 10 candidates were announced as[3]:

  • AeroChicken98
  • Corlay
  • xTearsAndScarsx
  • Coisinho
  • kalesalad
  • D-Graeb
  • Clatter
  • C5
  • Enlarger
  • Pulx

Over the next days Habbo released articles about the candidates[4][5][6][7][8]. On April 18th, the polls were opened and Habbos could go to the Hall of Habbo to vote for their top 6. The final 6 candidates participated in a live debate on April 22nd and on April 23rd the polls opened again to vote the top 3.

The final 6 candidates (and the percentage of the top 6 votes they received) were[9]:

  • Pulx (32.5%)
  • kalesalad (24.3%)
  • Clatter (15.4%)
  • Corlay (10.9%)
  • C5 (8.9%)
  • AeroChicken98 (7.9%)

This was followed by another live debate, with the final poll taking place on April 28th. Pulx was announced as president on April 29th after receiving 44.4 of the vote. Kalesalad received 36.9% and Clatter 18.7%. Pulx's presidency position ran from 29th April to May 31st 2020[10].

Room Competition: Design the Habelection 2020 Debate Hall

Alongside the Habelection competition there was a competition to design the debate hall for the two live debates that would occur during the campaign[11]. The top three halls received a Great Farm Bake Bundle and 10 runners-up received 14 days of Builders Club. Everyone who entered received a badge and a Citrine Seal.

The winner whose room was chosen was Oivind[12].

The other halls in the top three were designed by crazy-babiesand Kuan_

The 10 runners up were:

  • Hx.Ben
  • afif06
  • amro45
  • Hrrc
  • robodragon
  • SmokedBacon
  • sofie372
  • Shaleeka
  • Comiks
  • asia-g
Badge Name
NL253.png Debate Hall Habelection Room Comp 2020

[WAH] Welcome to the Alpine Heights!

The Welcome to the Alpine Heights were a series of games for Habbos to receive badges and a Rainbow Egg clothing accessory.

Name Image
Rainbow Egg Clothing rainbowegg 64 a 0 0.png
Name Image Name Image
Hiking through the Alpine Heights ALP11.gif Relic Hunter I - Earth Pony ALP12.gif
Relic Hunter II - Easter Goose ALP13.gif Relic Hunter III - Jade Guardian ALP14.gif
Relic Hunter IV - Royal Protector ALP15.gif Relic Hunter V - Master Monument ALP16.gif

The Secret of the Alps

Spromo aprilrelicgame.png

Walking by the river you have found two artifacts that look suspiciously similar to the relics you are looking for... Could this be a lucky strike or a sign that the Alp gods are on your side? Time to find out!

Looking for the Mystic Tree You found a secret track, that's suppose to take you yo the Mysitc Tree. The only way to find out is to make it to the other side before the timer ends.

Defend 'til the End! Rumours fly and everyone in town is now aware that you have one of the relics with you. You're now on a mission of trying to escape from the people that are chasing you, while you find a safe place to hide.

Sneaky Business It's clear to see that you are not the only one who is looking for the ancient relics. Unfortunately a group of backpackers have found the Jade Guardian before you had a chance to... It may not be the nicest thing to do but you'll have to sneak into their campsite and steal the relic from them in order to complete your quest.

Keep Calm and Carry on Kayaking You are close to completing your quest, you've overcomed every obstacle in your way and you know for a fact that a small river and a few goats won't stop you.

When in doubt, help out. It's been days since you found the last relic, and you are starting to wonder if you should just give up... What if the fifth relic dissapared a long time ago and you're just wasting your time?

You're about to go back to your campsite when you see a hurt hike laying on the ground. You decide to give him a hand before you go back.

The Ultimate Pixel Race

The Ultimate Pixel Race was a tournament involving four races[13]. From April 30 to May 3 one race a day would open at a certain time. The first 10 Habbos to complete the race would receive their name on a leaderboard, and after all four races the 10 Habbos with the most points would win a trophy. There was also a badge for completing each race.

Name Image Name Image
Completed the Iceland Cup race! ALP18.png Completed the Forest Cup race! ALP24.png
Completed the Galaxy Cup race! ALP25.png Completed the Country Cup race! ALP26.png

Live Fansite Event: Time for a Balcony Boogie!


On April 8th the Official Fansites hosted a live event where Habbos partied and chatted from balconies, inspired by similar gatherings happening in the real world at the time[14]. Each fansite, including HFFM, HabboBites, Habbox, HabboRPG and HabboQuests, hosted for one hour with live music over their radios. Every user who went to one of the parties received a badge.