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Release date: February 2017
Season: Valentines
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club
Previous Campaign:
January 2017
Next Campaign:
Habbo Mall (2017)

Wedding was the Valentines campaign that ran throughout February 2017[1]. As usual with Valentines campaigns, previous furniture lines under the same seasonal category made a return to the catalogue under the title of Valentine's Comeback. As well as this, several new room bundles were released along with one rare outfit and a new Limited Edition Rare.



Only one rare was released during this campaign; this being a complete outfit to match the theme of the campaign.

Name Image Badge
Wedding Outfit

Limited Edition Rare

A new [[Limited Edition Rare was released during this campaign. 270 units were sold at the price of 375 Credits each; all of which sold.

Name Image Badge
Gold Plated Organ

Room Bundles

The following room bundle was newly released during this campaign.

The following old bundles were re-released during this campaign.


The Habbo Matchmaker

Throughout the month a series of activities were launched within the campaign underneath the name The Habbo Matchmaker. The event consisted of speed dating, a one-off date and eventually marriage. From these games, players could receive four exclusive badges. If players completed all three stages, they would win a "wedding gift" that would contain one of the following furniture items.

Name Image
White Valentine Rose
Heartbeat Sofa
Purple Gift Bag
Red Gift Bag