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Release date: December 2011

Snowboarding is one of the many games released on Habbo and was developed by Sulake itself. The Snowboarding function was first introduced on 30 December 2011, along with its own range of furniture to match. Shortly after the initial release, further items of furniture were added to the collection which brought the total to 6 items - the later addition of the Icy Teleport and Snow Puff round out this category at 8. Just like other games such as Ice Tag and Rollerskating, when a user walks onto a Snowboard Patch they will automatically be wearing the Snowboard to slide down the slopes.

The Snowboarding patch can be set to 9 different levels of height to create truly daring slopes for users to tackle and can prove quite difficult due to the unusual clicking procedure. A small blue icon appears over the patches to indicate which space a user has selected to avoid problems when clicking behind very high snowboard slopes. The Snowboard Rail is also an interactive part of the game as a user can grind along the top of it and slide off at the other end. The Snowboard Jump is also interactive, and a user will glide through the air once they leave the tile the ramp is placed on and land on the tile adjacent to this.


Catalogue Furniture

Name Image
Snowboard Patch
Snowboard Ramp
Snowboard Rail
Slope Divider
Slope Light
Mountain Landscape
Icy Teleport
Snow Puff


Snowboard Quiz

On the 9th January 2012, Habbo released the winners and answers for the Snowboard quiz released earlier in the month. All the participants received the Snowboard Genius Badge whereas 25 extra winners won a furniture pack of 3 Snowboard Patches and 2 Snowboard Ramps.

Quiz Questions

Correct answers are in italics

1. What was the first snowboard called? The Oneski / The Snow Skate /The Snurfer

2. Which snowboarding label invented the Snowboarding Bindings? Nidecker / Burton /Sims

3. What is the most common body part injured in snowboarding accidents? Wrists / Knees / Butt

4. Which kind of snowboarding competition is considered the most dangerous? Big air / Half-pipe / Boardercross

5. Riding right food forward is called... ...regular / ...goofy

6. Which of the following is NOT a snowboarding trick? Egg Plant / Dry Fish / Stale Fish

7. How high is the record for highest air jump on a snowboard? 10m / 10.2m / 9.8m'

8. Which trick was done as the world record for highest jump on a snowboard? Frontside 360 / Backside 270 / Backside 360

9. Who holds the record for highest air jump with a snowboard? Shaun White / Terje Haakonsen / Barret Christy


  • Zekrina
  • Yaut
  • xStillLoveYou
  • Winks
  • Vivaivankeko
  • Unoriginalities
  • TrueBliss
  • Surfer.dude
  • RobertGriffin3
  • Pokigotico
  • OMGItsPurple!
  • Nokashikato
  • Nige
  • MizzAshleyxoxo
  • LucasPiazon
  • Kosky
  • JustinJ
  • iJohnnyCash
  • Human19
  • GrantCattell
  • FunByaaaa
  • -Elyda-
  • Dragon-Nccb
  • Cyberkid15
  • BunnyPuff

It's Tricky

On the 11th January 2012, Habbo released the winners for the 'It's Tricky' competition whereby players had to enter their snowboarding pixel art scenarios showing what tricks they could do. Originally, 25 participants would win the prize of a Rare Balloon Machine, 3 Snowboard Patches and 2 Snowboard ramps, but due to the high level of good entries Habbo received this was changed to 50+ winners.


  • MrDaze
  • lDesires
  • Disfiguiredsoul?
  • Cand
  • Barmantom
  • Yabble
  • .SuperStoked:.
  • Finalz
  • Banned00
  • Descloizite
  • Faytal
  • SurfHabbo
  • Superman-Spy
  • Xemnas
  • Vigas
  • Cazri
  • ,Lee-Watson
  • Sharkcodile
  • ActiveZ.
  • Orgoo
  • Zhix
  • Kromium
  • Ruby
  • ,97
  • Pushin
  • Pe-Grande
  • Flo369
  • Duck
  • LeTrolling
  • Flirty
  • Oobylicious
  • Cannonman
  • Humility
  • KingZammy
  • Tails9304
  • -!Lozzygirl!-
  • -=-ally-=-
  • FuzzyDemon252
  • Stretch
  • .ShyRa.
  • Ewizerbewf
  • PoorMann
  • G000dni9ht
  • Anonymous-Ben
  • Felidae
  • Ucyr
  • MicroItalia
  • Pixierockstar
  • Hannarulz
  • 1086
  • VitusFear