Coral Kingdom

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Coral Kingdom
Release date: June 2018
Available from: Catalogue
Builders Club
Previous Campaign:
Habbo in the House
Next Campaign:
Summer 2018

Coral Kingdom is the campaign that ran on Habbo throughout June 2018. This month saw the release of the new Coral Kingdom furniture line, along with four new rares, a Limited Edition rare, clothing and crackable items. The furniture line was introduced to the catalogue on a temporary basis, whereas the clothing items were set to be permanently added to the catalogue [1].

During the campaign, Bensalem furniture line was re-released into the catalogue.


Catalogue Furniture

Along with this campaign came an entire new line of furniture that all followed the underwater theme.

Name Image
Angelfish Angelfish.png
Tropical Fish Tropical Fish.png
Catfish Catfish.png
Bubble Seat Bubble Seat.png
Coral Kingdom Kelp Coral Kingdom Kelp.png
Dropped Anchor Dropped Anchor.png
Long Lost Pots Long Lost Pots.png
Mermaid Bed Mermaid Bed.png
Coral Kingdom Seabed Coral Kingdom Seabed.png
Coral Kingdom Sandbank Coral Kingdom Sandbank.png
Undersea Rocks Undersea Rocks.png
Undersea Boulders Undersea Boulders.png
Coral Gazebo Coral Gazebo.png
Coral Kingdom Gate Coral Kingsdom Gate.png
Coral Kingdom Fence Coral Kingdom Fence.png
Coral Kingdom Corner Coral Kingdom Corner.png
Neon Anemone Neon Anemone.png
Neon Finger Coral Neon Finger Coral.png
Neon Tree Coral Neon Tree Coral.png
Coral-encrusted Fishing Net Coral-encrusted Fishing Net.png
Human Pollution Human Pollution.png
Coral Kingdom Landscape Coral Kingdom Landscape.png
Coral-encrusted Seabed Coral-encrusted Seabed.png
Coral Kingdom Table Coral Kingdom Table.png
Coral Kingdom Chair Coral Kingdom Chair.png
School of Clownfish School of Clownfish.png
Deep-sea Geyser Deep-sea Geyser.png


The Summer's Deal offer was available for three days at the start of June and gave players the first opportunity to buy the new Coral Kingdom furniture. It included an exclusive pair of teleports and a badge.

Name Image Badge
Coral Kingdom Teleport Coral Kingdom Teleport.png CRK01.gif

According to Habbowidgets, 396 people have this badge.


New clothing was added to the Catalogue during the campaign, including the first ever long hair piece. Each item was available for purchase for 5 Credits each.

Name Image
Flippers Flippers.png
Wetsuit Wetsuit.png
Luscious Long Hair Luscious Long Hair.png
Sailor Sweater Sailor Sweater2.png


A breakdown of the rarity of the Coral Kingdom Chests

Two different types of chests were released for 24 hour periods which included both rare and common Coral Kingdom furniture.

Name Image
Coral Kingdom Chest Coral Kingdom Chest.png
Magic Coral Kingdom Chest Magic Coral Kingdom Chest.png

Each chest included three of the most common items, shown below.

Name Image
Pink Elkhorn Coral Pink Elkhorn Coral.png
Yellow Elkhorn Coral Yellow Elkhorn Coral.png
Pink Staghorn Coral Pink Staghorn Coral.png
Blue Staghorn Coral Blue Staghorn Coral.png
Sandy Spiral Shell Sandy Spiral Shell.png
Aquamarine Spiral Shell Aquamarine Spiral Shell.png
Pink Starfish Pink Starfish.png
Orange Starfish Orange Starfish.png
Coral Kingdom Seaweed Coral Kingdom Seaweed.png
Sandy Conch Shell Sandy Conch Shell.png
Violet Conch Shell Violet Conch Shell.png
Cone Shell Cone Shell.png
Clam Shell Clam Shell (Coral Kingdom).png
Clam Shells Clam Shells.png
Clam Collection Clam Collection.png

Each crackable chest also came with differing probabilities in achieving the following uncommon items.

Name Image
Oyster Oyster.png
Solid Gold Fish Solid Gold Fish.png
Gleaming Chalice Gleaming Chalice.png
Poseidon's Trident Poseidon's Trident.png

There were also differing probabilities in players receiving the following rare items.

Name Image
Starfish Wreath Starfish Wreath.png
Golden Fish Hat Golden Fish Hat.png


Four new rare items were released during this campaign, two of these being wearing items.

Name Image Badge
Seahorse Mask Seahorse Mask.png CRK07.gif
Sea Turtle Sea Turtle.png CRK08.gif
Diver Helmet Diver Helmet.png CRK09.gif
Coral Kingdom Vanity Mirror Coral Kingdom Vanity Mirror.png CRK10.gif

Limited Edition Rares

The Royal Seahorse Limited Edition Rare was released on June 14th.

Name Image Badge
Royal Seahorse RoyalSeahorse.png CRK06.gif

Room Bundles

During the campaign four new Room Bundles were released that consisted of Coral Kingdom furniture.


3x3 Under The Sea


The 3x3 Under The Sea competition asked Habbos to build a small 3x3 room with a sea theme. There was one winner, 5 runners up, and 10 second runner ups. The winner received a Mermaid Lagoon Bundle, 14 days of Builders Club and 7 days of Habbo Club. The 5 runners up received a furni pack, 7 days of Builders Club and 5 days of Habbo Club and the second runner ups received 7 days of Builders Club and 3 days of Habbo Club. Every winner received a badge and everyone who entered received a Yellow Tortoise.

The winner was asia-g

The runners up were:

  • doglover53
  • ben63395
  • Zunq
  • zareq
  • SweetBjarkeDK

and the 10 second runners up were:

  • Bonsoir
  • xxptkkirstiex
  • silke.55DK
  • lovesie
  • Gromatic
  • Wizard
  • domnic20
  • Beagal
  • Peroxider
  • Hinata273