Christmas Citadel

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Christmas Citadel
Release date: December 2016
Season: Christmas
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club (Seasonally)
Previous Campaign:
Hospital Drama
Next Campaign:
January 2017

Christmas Citadel was the 2016 Christmas campaign and furni range. The furni range was first released on 25th November 2016 into the Builders Club Catalogue and it was then released into the regular Catalogue on December 1st.

Throughout December, there was an Advent Calendar door to be opened and provided each Habbo with a small Christmas gift, including exclusive Elves. Furniture could also be obtained via games. Every day a new game was available to play, and each came with a Badge and a prize to be won.

As part of the campaign, new furniture and Christmas clothing were released, several competitions were held, and new Room Bundles and Rares were released and sold.



Name Image
Grand Citadel Gate Grand Citadel Gate.png
Rudolph Gargoyle Rudolph Gargoyle.png
Seasonal Wreaths Seasonal Wreaths.gif
Cosy Rug Cosy Rug.png
Christmas Meat Christmas Meat.png
Christmas Vegetables Christmas Vegetables.png
Christmas Pudding Christmas Pudding.png
Lacquered Cupboard Lacquered Cupboard.png
Citadel Balcony Citadel Balcony.png
Citadel Wall Citadel Wall.png
Gold Trimmed Armchair Gold Trimmed Armchair.png
Citadel Divider Citadel Divider.png
Citadel Banners Citadel Banners.gif
Castle Candles Castle Candles.png
Rounded Table Rounded Table.png
Office Clutter Office Clutter.png
Desk Candles Desk Candles.png
Present Pile Present Pile.png
Citadel Tile Citadel Tile.png
Polished Wooden Floor Polished Wooden Floor.png
Hall Paintings Hall Paintings.gif


As part of the #Advent Calendar and #Santa and the Hopeless Elves campaign, players could collect 10 Elves.

Name Image Available from
Sassy Elf Sassy Elf.png Overflowing Stocking
Chubby Elf Chubby Elf.png Overflowing Stocking
Singing Elf Singing Elf (1).png Overflowing Stocking
Frosty Elf Frosty Elf.png Overflowing Stocking
Redhead Elf Redhead Elf.png Advent Calendar
Wizard Elf Wizard Elf.png Advent Calendar
Fake Santa Elf Fake Santa Elf.png Advent Calendar
Singing Elf Singing Elf (2).png Advent Calendar
Greedy Elf Greedy Elf.png Advent Calendar
Dopey Elf Dopey Elf.png Advent Calendar


As part of the campaign, all Habbos were given a free pair of Artisan Antlers. However, new clothing items were also released on December 5th and could be bought throughout the campaign with both Credits and Duckets.

Name Image
Christmas Dress Christmas Dress.png
Snowman Sweater Snowman Sweater.png
Penguin Pullover Penguin Pullover.png
Rudolph Jumper Rudolph Jumper.png
Wooly Bear Set Wooly Bear Set.png
Wooly Bear Hat Avatarimage.png
Wooly Bear Scarf Wooly Bear Scarf.png


Name Image
Crystal Tiara Crystal Tiara.png
Wise Owl Rare Wise Owl.png
Rufus The Cat Hat Rufus The Cat Hat.png
Citadel Throne Citadel Throne.png

Limited Edition Rares

Name Image
Benji Benji The Bear LTD.gif

Room Bundles

Four Room Bundles were released throughout the campaign, each containing an exclusive furniture item that can only be obtained via the Bundle.

Exclusive Furniture

Name Image Exclusive Bundle
Santa's Mailing Shelf Santa's Mailing Shelf.png Santa's Office Bundle
Writing Desk Writing Desk.png Santa's Office Bundle
Dining Hall Table Dining Hall Table.png Dining Hall Bundle
Bench Bench2.png Dining Hall Bundle
Heart-warming Fireplace Heart-warming Fireplace.gif Common Room Bundle
Gold Trimmed Sofa Gold Trimmed Sofa.png Common Room Bundle
Elven Bed Elven Bed.png Elf Hangout Bundle
Rocking Chair Rocking Chair.png Elf Hangout Bundle


Advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar returned from December 1st. Every day, Habbos could claim free Builders Club, Habbo Club, Duckets, Credits or a piece of furni. The furni was either Christmas furni from previous years or exclusive #Elves.

Santa and the Hopeless Elves games

On every day between 1st and 25th December, a new in-client game was held in the Santa's Magical Castle room, where players had to beat unique games to earn a new badges and an Overflowing Stocking each day.

Players could open the stocking and were rewarded with previous Christmas furni, Habbo Club, and some of the #Elves.

Name Image
Overflowing Stocking Overflowing stocking.png
Badge Name Badge Name
X1612.gif December 1, 2016 X1613.gif December 2, 2016
X1614.gif December 3, 2016 X1615.gif December 4, 2016
X1616.gif December 5, 2016 X1617.gif December 6, 2016
X1618.gif December 7, 2016 X1619.gif December 8, 2016
X1620.gif December 9, 2016 X1621.gif December 10, 2016
X1622.gif December 11, 2016 X1623.gif December 12, 2016
X1624.gif December 13, 2016 X1625.gif December 14, 2016
X1626.gif December 15, 2016 X1627.gif December 16, 2016
X1628.gif December 17, 2016 X1629.gif December 18, 2016
X1630.gif December 19, 2016 X1631.gif December 20, 2016
X1632.gif December 21, 2016 X1633.gif December 22, 2016
X1634.gif December 23, 2016 X1635.gif December 24, 2016
X1636.gif Christmas, 2016

Room Competition

After the new furni range was released into the Builders Club catalogue, a Room Competition was held asking users to build a room to express their Christmas fantasies. First place winner won themselves seven days of Builders Club, two days of Habbo Club and a Badge. Nine runners up won themselves two days of Builders Club and a Badge.

Room Competition Winners

  • Happy - overall winner
  • Intera
  • Pixierockstar
  • Armset
  • BrittnyRocks2
  • WizardKieran
  • Im_boy
  • ScarletBlossom
  • .::Turkish::.
  • ben63395

Social Media Competitions

Two creative competitions were released on social media for the campaign; a room building and a drawing competition. The room building competition asked the entrants to build a room to show a scene from one of their favourite Christmas movies. The overall winner won an exclusive Badge that only 15 Habbos worldwide owned, Santa's Office Bundle and a Crystal Tiara. 2nd-5th place runner ups won themselves one of the 15 exclusive Badges and a Crystal Tiara. 6th-15th place runner ups won themselves one of the 15 exclusive Badges and seven days of Habbo Club membership.

The second competition was asked to pick a Habbo character, for example Frank or Bonnie Blonde, and draw them in a Christmas outfit. The overall winner won an exclusive Badge that only 15 Habbos worldwide owned, Common Room Bundle and a Rufus Cat Hat. 2nd-5th place runner ups won themselves one of the 15 exclusive Badges and a Rufus Cat Hat. 6th-15th place runner ups won themselves one of the 15 exclusive Badges and seven days of Habbo Club membership.

Room Competition Winners

These are the winners for the room building competition following the 'Twitter Name (Habbo Name)' format.

  • AlphaetHab (Alphaet) - overall winner
  • itzmeshiloh
  • HabboGust
  • ESBlingie
  • ali_habbo (-Ali-Kemal-.)
  • voetbal_man
  • Habbo_Berry
  • satu_habbo (Satu)
  • Alexthedochabbo (Alexthedoc)
  • FilletteHabbo (Nesseria)
  • matt2205habbo (matt2205)
  • ipermonkey
  • Informatique_HB
  • CriticalMistake (CriticalMistake)
  • TourinHabbo

Drawing Competition Winners

These are the winners for the drawing competition following the 'Instagram Name (Habbo Name)' format.

  • miticoteohabbo (.mitico.teo on - overall winner
  • trainerspyro (teeheeme! on
  • hab.xixi - Disqualified
  • hannayeap (Hanna.Yeap on
  • marzilyn - Disqualified
  • weser123_habbonl (weser123 on
  • extranicol73 (Usuaria on
  • kawah_e
  • teeheemoi (teeheeme! on
  • zihabbo
  • mikuaerith (MikuAerith on
  • alloehabbo (Jugadora on
  • habbospam
  • antonio___rabelo (lindecoqwe on
  • consostar (consoStar on