Special Offers

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Special Offers
Release date: Unknown

Special Offers (Previously known as 'Deals'), were a page in the catalogue that offered a varying number of furniture deals, which were generally priced at 5 - 10 credits per package.

The different Special Offers available changed over time, as new furniture ranges were introduced and some were removed. Each package would usually contain anything from 3 - 6 items.

The last set of deals available before the category was removed were:

Thursday Temptations

Thursday Temptations was a weekly staff-run competition. Players had to find the funniest and interesting news article on a celebrity and rewrite it in an article in a box on the Thursday Temptation news article. To accompany this, they had to choose 4 - 5 pieces of furni that related to the article they wrote, and if they won they would receive a badge and the furni. Other players would be able to buy the furni from the Special Offers section of the Catalogue for 10c. After the recent changes to staff on Habbo.com, Thursday Temptations was no longer run.