Cursed Caves

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Cursed Caves
Release date: October 2017
Season: Habboween
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club (Seasonally)
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American Prairie

Cursed Caves was a Halloween campaign that took place throughout October 2017[1].

The furniture line that was released as a feature of this campaign included nineteen new items, four new clothing items, four rare items, and four Room Bundles that each came with their own exclusive furniture items. The furniture lines are typically released back into the catalogue each Halloween season, as part of the Halloween Comeback section.


Catalogue Furniture

Following the theme of the campaign, a new line of cave-based furniture was released.

Name Image Name Image
Monstrous Worm Teleport Zombie Grunt
Falling Rocks Dormant Zombie
Pile of Bones Diseased Rat
Dripping Rock Cursed Lichen
Flame Trap Cursed Cave Wall
Cursed Rocks Cursed Portcullis
Cursed Pillar Buried Zombie Trap
Small Cursed Pillar Cursed Cave Floor
Cursed Trap Cursed Tent
Torture Rack


Four new wearable items were released into the catalogue during this campaign.

Name Image
Medieval Bun
Plague Mask
Zombie Eyes
Demonic Eyes


The Cursed Flame Knight was released intermittently throughout the campaign for 24 hour windows. Once cracked players would obtain one of six clothing items, all of which where pieces of armour.

Name Image
Spiked Chest Armour
Iron Chest Armour
Iron Sabatons
Horned Helmet
Iron Helmet
Iron Leg Armour


Four new rares were released throughout this campaign, two of which were clothing items.

Name Image Badge
Vampire Bat Hat
Cursed Dragon Statue
Medieval Crown
Cursed Throne

Limited Edition Rares

During this campaign, one new limited edition rare; the Hellfire Dragon was released. A total of 180 units were released, all of which sold out within minutes.

Name Image Badge
Hellfire Dragon

Room Bundles

Four Room Bundles were released during this campaign, each including their own exclusive item of furniture.


Habboween Outfit Competition

The campaign began with the Habboween Outfit competition, which asked users to design a Habboween outfit for Habbo staff members Olsoweir, Megalakazam, Cupcakesio, WaltzMatilda and Natunen to wear throughout October[2]. The prize for each winner was a trick, a treat, and a badge. Each winning outfit was selected by the staff member the look had been designed for.

The winners were[3]:

  • _lj (for WaltzMatilda)
  • Audemars (for Olsoweir)
  • ArchdukeEmrys (for Cupcakesio)
  • aleya19 (for Natunen)
  • Witchas (for megalakazam)
Badge Name
Habboween Outfit Winner 2017

#HauntedHabbo: Room Competition

The #HauntedHabbo Room Competition asked Habbo to design a Haunted House using the furniture from the campaign's exclusive line, along with previously released Halloween items.

The winners were[4]:

  • kalesalad
  • spyjthecrazy
  • Sh4vV
  • funkyjen
  • kespia
  • UltimateRohanll
  • Cinplex
  • sofie372
  • Wretched.Witch
  • x_PartyFavor_x


The #StrangerHabbo competition asked Habbos to imagine the Upside Down from Stranger Things and show it by building a room, drawing it, or creating it through pixel art[5]. The winners received an exclusive badge, 5 days of Builders Club and a Halloween furniture pack. Runners up also received the badge.

The winners were[6]:

  • kovsky.
  • icearbr
  • L0-VE & Fable
  • teeheeme!
  • JayLiPops

The runners up were:

  • Pulx and Atlantic
  • Cinoplex
  • shakrod
  • Websit, Kely,au, and Cashmeh
  • chidiva
  • nicogk9705 and Neurologist
  • Corlay
Badge Name
StrangerHabbo Comp Winner