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Rare Values
Category: Collectibles
Value: Habbox Rare Values

Collectibles was a monthly release of "Collectible Rares" where the sale lasted an entire month approximately. The idea flopped and within just over a year of its conception in 2008 it had been scrapped. The idea was to have a set of rares; this was to encourage people to buy the entire set, the most popular of these sets, The Totem Pole succeeded likely due to its unique function of having global room effects on the occupants.

2008 - 2009

Around the World

Around the World is a series of Collectible (Rare) furniture released in 2008 featuring Rares inspired by locations around the world. The six items were sold over the space of six months between July and December 2008 with one new item out each month. Because these Rares were available for entire months at a time they have not been valuable in any way since release.

Name Description Image
Gondola (Venice) July 2008, 1/6 Gondola.gif
Clog (Netherlands) August 2008, 2/6 Clog.gif
Big Ben (London) September 2008, 3/6 Big ben.gif
Garden Gnome (Germany - originally called the "German Gnome") October 2008, 4/6 Garden gnome.gif
Koala (Australia) November 2008, 5/6 Koala.gif
Finnish Sauna (Finland) December 2008, 6/6 Finnish sauna.gif

The Lost World

The Lost World is a series of Collectible (Rare) furniture released in 2009 featuring Rares inspired by Atlantis including Totem poles. The six items were sold over the space of six months between January and December 2008 with one new item out each month. Due to the rares being released into the Catalogue for about two weeks at a time and because there were so many different items the values haven't increased rapidly! The only parts which appeared popular were the Totem Pole.

Name Description Image
The Leviatha January 2009, 1/6
The leviatha.gif
Iku-Turso February 2009, 2/6
Architeuthis March 2009, 3/6
Sacred Fire April 2009, 4/6
Sacred Fire.png
Totem Spirit Head May 2009, 5/6
Totem Head.png
Totem Planet June 2009, 6/6
Totem Planet.png


Scifi Collectibles were released as part of the 3rd set of Collectibles - after the Around the World and The Lost World collectibles and before the very last collectible, the Ghostly Organ. All three items in this set were released into the catalogue globally (around the same time as the introduction of SciFi furniture during Summer/Autumn 2009 and have become common Rares. The Scifi Collectibles was the smallest of the sets and only contained 3 items.

Name Image Motto
Alien Collectible
Cryogenic Bed
Cryogenic bed.gif
For those who like to sleep a long time.
Deep space refreshment


This Collectible which was first released during the Habboween 2009 campaign and was also the very last collectible to ever enter the hotel due to the series being discontinued for its lack of interest amongst players. It was released into the Catalogue at a price of 25 credits and was given out as a prize for a 2009 Habboween Competition (alongside a badge), in which users had to share videos, photos, and/or stories about their scary encounters on the hotel.

The Ghostly Organ's motto is "Play a ghastly tune on the bones."

Name Image Motto
Ghostly Organ
Ghostly organ.gif
Play a ghastly tune on the bones

2016 - 2019

New types of rare collectibles have been released in later years usually during a campaign. They are different to the New Rares released during a campaign because the collectible group comes in a set of similarly themed furni and badges, and also come with a badge for collecting the whole set. Most campaigns that included them would release about four rares, and six collectible rares.

Hospital Drama

Name Image Badge
King Crab Tank King crab tank.gif NCR01.gif
Turtle Tank Virus r16 turttank.gif NCR02.gif
Electric Eel Tank Virus r16 eeltank.gif NCR03.gif
Piranha Tank Virus r16 piratank.gif NCR04.gif
Anglerfish Tank Virus r16 angtank.gif NCR05.gif
Tropical Fish Tank Virus r16 troptank.gif NCR06.gif
Pufferfish Tank Virus r16 pufftank.gif NCR07.gif

Exotic Pets

Name Images Release Date Badge
Exotic Birds ExoticBirds.gifBirds.png 20th March 2017 ExoticBirdsCollector.gif
Fruit Bat FruitBat.gifBat.png 21st March 2017 FruitBatCollector.gif
Python Python.gifSnake.png 22nd March 2017 PythonCollector.gif
Chameleon Chameleon.gifChameleon2.png 23rd March 2017 ChameleonCollector.gif
Sloth SlothRare.gifSloth.png 24th March 2017 SlothRareCollector.gif
Chinchilla Chinchilla.gifKoala2.png 25th March 2017 ChinchillaCollector.gif
Tree Frog TreeFrog.gifTree Frog.png 26th March 2017 TreeFrogCollector.gif
Chipmunk Chipmunk.gifBeaver.png 27th March 2017 ChipmunkCollector.gif

North American Animals

North American Animals

Name Image Badge
Eagle Eagle.png AME06.gif
Raccoon Raccoon.png AME07.gif
Skunk Skunk.png AME08.gif
Beaver American Prairie Beaver.png AME09.gif
Opossum Opossum.png AME10.gif
Armadillo Armadillo.png AME11.gif

Victorian Dolls

Name Image Badge
Detective Doll Detective Doll.png X1711.gif
Glamour Doll Glamour Doll.png X1712.gif
Beauty Doll Beauty Doll.png X1713.gif
Redhead Doll Redhead Doll.png X1714.gif
Policeman Doll Policeman Doll.png X1715.gif
Soldier Doll Soldier Doll.png X1716.gif

Exotic Birds

Name Images Release Date Badge
Puffin ExoticPuffin.png 02-Jul-2018 JMC01.gif
Spoonbill Spoonbill.png 03-Jul-2018 JMC02.gif
Cardinal Cardinal.png 04-Jul-2018 JMC03.gif
Crane Crane.png 05-Jul-2018 JMC04.gif
Quetzal Quetzal.png 06-Jul-2018 JMC05.gif
Peacock Peacock.png 07-Jul-2018 JMC06.gif

Skull Masks

Name Image Badge
Floral Festival Skull Floral Festival Skull.png MFT13.gif
Seer's Festival Skull Seer's Festival Skull.png MFT14.gif
Mystic Festival Skull Mystic Festival Skull.png MFT15.gif
Bountiful Festival Skull Bountiful Festival Skull.png MFT16.gif
Divine Festival Skull Divine Festival Skull.png MFT17.gif
Opulent Festival Skull Opulent Festival Skull.png MFT18.gif

Inflatable Furni

Name Image Badge
Inflatable Rainbow Inflatable Rainbow.png PIH01.gif
Inflatable Flamingo Inflatable Flamingo.png PIH02.gif
Inflatable Peacock Rainbow r19 peacockfloat.png PIH03.gif
Inflatable Pineapple Rainbow r19 pineapplefloat.png Small rainbow r19 pineapplefloat.png

2020 - now

Neo-Habbo Revisited

Collectible cyberpunk clothing.

Name Image Release Date Badge
Cyberpunk Visor Clothing cyhelmet.png 01-Sep-2020 CBP15.png
Cyberpunk Battle Armour Clothing cychest.png 04-Sep-2020 CBP22.png
Loc Buns Clothing cybuns.png 08-Sep-2020 CBP17.png
Cyberpunk Striders Clothing cylegs.png 10-Sep-2020 CBP19.png
Cyberpunk Sneakers Clothing cytrainers.png 15-sept-2020 CBP16.png
Gas Mask Clothing cygasmask.png 17-Sep-2020 CBP18.png
Cyberpunk Holo Lens Clothing cyeyepiece.png 22-Sep-2020 CBP21.png
Cyberpunk Fins Clothing cyfins.png 24-Sep-2020 CBP20.png

Fruit furni collectibles

A range of eight collectible fruit themed furniture items were released into the catalogue; each for a 48 hour period only. Players would earn a badge for each collectible purchased. If all items in the range were collected, players would receive an exclusive extra badge and an exclusive clothing item; the Lemon Slice Bag.

Name Image Release Date Badge
Organic Banana Chair BananaChair.png 2 March FRT16.png
Organic Citrus Sofa CitrusSofa.png 4 March FRT21.png
Organic Avocado Wardrobe AvocadoWardrobe.png 9 March FRT15.png
Organic Cherry Lamp Cherrylamp.png 11 March FRT14.png
Organic Pea Pod Bed PeaPodBed.png 16 March FRT20.png
Organic Kiwi Clock KiwiClock.png 18 March FRT17.png
Organic Watermelon Table WatermelonTable.png 23 March FRT18.png
Organic Strawberry Mat StrawberryMat.png 25 March FRT19.png
Players who collected all 8 items received the following exclusive items
Lemon Slice Bag Bonus lemon slice bag.png 27 March FRT22.png

Valentines 2023

A series of seven new arcade machines were released as collectible items throughout the month.

Name Image Release Date Badge
Space Invasions Spaceinvasions.png 2 February V2306.png
VR Machine and Platform Vrmachine.png
7 February V2308.png
Rhythm Rider Rhythmrider.png 10 February V2309.png
CyberPunk Shootout Cyberpunkshootout.png 14 February V2310.png
The Wheel-spinner Thewheel-spinner.png 16 February V2311.png
Arcade Pinball Machine Arcadepinballmachine.png 21 February V2312.png
Quack Attack Quackattack.png 23 February V2313.png

Users who purchased all seven arcade machines received a bonus eighth arcade machine.

Name Image Badge
Duck Hunt Duckhunt.png V2314.png