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Release date: May 2007
Season: Valentine's
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club (Seasonally)
“The Romantique range features Grand Pianos, old antique lamps and tables. It is the ideal range for setting a warm and loving mood in your room. Spruce up your room and invite that special someone over.”

The Romantique range of Furniture was released into the Hotel in version 12+, The Romantique Catalogue in May 2007. Since then, the Romantique collection has been slowly expanding worldwide.


2007 Release

Name Image Motto
Lamp Lamp.gif Add some ambiance.
Wall Mirror Mirror.gif Looking stylish.
Mirrortable MirrorTable.png Pretty yourself up.
Tray Tray 1.gif Breakfast is served!
Treats Tray Tray 2.gif Time to celebrate!

Colour Variation

The following sub-range comes in a variety of colours; Black, Lime, Pink, Turquoise and Yellow. The Black line was first spotted in Staff rooms in Italy & UK, but the full range was released in the French and Danish hotels in August and September 2007 (with the exception of the Screen). The Lime was released in Singapore in May 2007, Turquoise in Holland in May 2007, and Yellow in Singapore/Germany in July/August 2007. The Pink was first seen in Norway, in February 2007, before the final versions released, in UK in September 2007, and the range was completed in the US hotel in February 2008.

Name Image Motto
Chair Chair black.gifChair lime.gifChair pink.gifChair turquoise.gifChair yellow.gif Curl up.
Divan Divan black.gifDivan lime.gifDivan pink.gifDivan turquoise.gifDivan yellow.gif Ease the day away.
Screen Romantique divider5.gif Divider lime.gifDivider pink.gifDivider turquoise.gifDivider yellow.gif Keeping things separated.
Grand Piano Piano black.gifPiano lime.gifPiano pink.gifPiano turquoise.gifPiano yellow.gif Tinkle on the ivories.
Piano Chair Pianochair black.gifPianochair lime.gifPianochair pink.gifPianochair turquoise.gifPianochair yellow.gif Play the keys with style.
Tray Table Table black.gifTable lime.gifTable pink.gifTable turquoise.gifTable yellow.gif Even the tray needs a table.

2015 Additions

In 2015, as part of a global campaign, several old Furniture Ranges received new furniture additions; Romantique was one of them.

Name Image Motto
Black Coffee Table BlackCoffeeTable.png Mmm only the finest Kopi Luwak for me
Green Coffee Table GreenCoffeeTable.png Mmm only the finest Kopi Luwak for me
Lemon Coffee Table LemonCoffeeTable.png Mmm only the finest Kopi Luwak for me
Pink Coffee Table PinkCoffeeTable.png Mmm only the finest Kopi Luwak for me
Romantique Dresser RomantiqueDresser.png Full of luxurious Habbo Couture.
Romantique Wall RomantiqueWall.png Silk wallpaper and cashmere curtains.
Turquoise Coffee Table TurquoiseCoffeeTable.png Mmm only the finest Kopi Luwak for me


  • The screen of the Black line was missing for a long time, but somehow eventually released into the hotel. However it's called Romantique Screen Gray instead of Black.