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On Habbo you are able to Earn Credits by completing special survey offers on the Habbo website. If you go to the credits page where you normally buy credits, below where all the tabs are, you will see text saying 'Earn Credits' under the credit tab. This will bring you to the page where you can earn credits for doing surveys. It will tell you some information on what the page is and how it works. Under the information it will have all the credit offers you are able to do. It will give you a brief description of what you have to do in the offer and what site it may be on. On the side it will tell you how many credits will be awarded if you complete the offer properly. It will also tell you the approximate time of your credits arrival.

Not all of the credit offers are free. In the text above it will tell you to read the fine print, as some offers may ask you to pay to complete the offer.

Completing An Offer

To complete an offer you will have to click on the box with the amount of credits it will give to you if you do the offer properly. It will take you to the site where you may have to sign up and complete a survey. Some sites may ask you to activate your email address to complete a survey. If you dont activate your email or do a survey you may not have done the offer correctly, therefore you will not receive your credits. If you have done the survey properly and done everything that was mentioned in the fine print below the name of the offer your credits should be placed in you Habbo purse depending on the time of the arrival.


If you are having trouble with your credits not being delivered to your Habbo purse you can check up on them if you click 'Support' right above the 'Sort By' tab. This will bring up a new tab, which will be the Sponsor Pay support site. If you scroll down you will see two tables called 'Transactions in Progress' and 'Completed transactions'. Transactions in Progress is letting you know what offers are still giving you your credits. It will tell you the name of the offer, how long ago you did the offer, required actions and a status update on how it is being processed. If your credits never arrive in your purse you can click 'Report Problem' under the status update. It will open a page but on the same page. It will ask you for your email, your full name, your problem, "I haven't received my credits yet", and a message explaining what has happened. You can also upload a picture as proof. Under "Transactions in Progress" you will see a table called "Completed Transactions". This will tell you what offer it was, required actions, how long ago the offer was started and a status update. This is for all the offers that were completed. You can give feedback about the service under the status update.