Big Wave

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Big Wave
Release date: 2010
Season: Summer
Available from: Catalogue (seasonally)
Builders Club

In the summer of 2010, Habbo released a furniture range which enabled Habbos to swim. The Big Wave range of Furni brought an increase in popularity of Beaches and resorts, and they soon became the new favorite hang-outs. Other Summer-themed furniture ranges that are similar to Big Wave include the Coco, Summer 2009 and Summer 2011 ranges.


Name Image Motto
Lifeguard Tower Lifeguard Tower For some baywatch babe moments.
Changing Room Teleport Changing Room Teleport Slip into something a little more comfortable.
Shark Jaws Shark Jaws Yesterday's catch ...
Beach Shower Beach Shower Wash the salt off.
Coconuts Coconuts
Deep Water Patch Deep Water Patch Get thrown in the deep end!
Water Patch Water Patch Swimming in the shallow end.
Beach Ball Beach Ball For fun in the sun.
Shark Fin Shark Fin With remote control.
Inflatable Croc Inflatable Croc Never smile at a crocodile
Buoy Line Green Buoy LinePink Buoy LineYellow Buoy Line The ultimate in shark protection.
Buoy Corner Green Buoy Corner Pink Buoy Corner Yellow Buoy Corner Oh boy!
Inflatable Boat Green Inflatable BoatPink Inflatable BoatYellow Inflatable Boat No sharps on board permitted.
Inflatable Lounge Green Inflatable ArmchairPink Inflatable ArmchairYellow Inflatable Armchair Seaside relaxation.
Inflatable Sofa Green Inflatable SofaPink Inflatable SofaYellow Inflatable Sofa Sit still or end up in the drink.
Inflatable Table Green Inflatable TablePink Inflatable TableYellow Inflatable Table No need to return to the shore for a drink!
Inflatable Mattress Green Inflatable MattressPink Inflatable MattressYellow Inflatable Mattress Mattress Swimming without the effort.
Van Green VanPink VanYellow Van Escape to the seaside.
Surfboard Green SurfboardPink SurfboardYellow Surfboard In search of the perfect wave!
Long Pool Piece Blue Long Pool PiecePink Long Pool Piece How far can you swim?
Pool Stairs Blue Pool StairsPink Pool Stairs Dip your toes in.
Square Pool Piece Blue Square Pool PiecePink Square Pool Piece The race is on!


When the furniture was released, Habbo released special offers which enabled Habbos to get a discounted price when buying many items. These prices included

  • Water Patch x 6 (30 coins)
  • Water Patch x 12 (60 coins)
  • Water Patch x 24 (120 coins)
  • Deep Water Patch x 6 (30 coins)
  • Deep Water Patch x 12 (60 coins)
  • Deep Water Patch x 24 (120 coins)


  • After the campaign finished, the furniture was renamed to Beach Party.