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Release date: Throughout 2018
Available from: Habbo Competitions

Tortoises were a range of furniture that were obtained by taking part or winning Habbo competitions throughout 2018. There were 14 colours released in total over the course of one year. Tortoises were released to replace the prizes given out in previous years, the Hippos, Sloths and Hedgehogs. After a year, the Tortoises were no longer released and they were replaced by Pandas.

List of Tortoises

Name Image How to Obtain
Tan Tortoise Tan Tortoise.png
  • Staff Pick: Lost In Space.
  • Bundle Re-design
Blue Tortoise Blue Tortoise.png
  • Habbo's New Years Eve Party.
GreenTortoise GreenTortoise.png
  • Memory Game 12 game
Red Tortoise Red Tortoise.png
  • Easter Egg Hunt event
Yellow Tortoise Yellow Tortoise.png
Turquoise Tortoise Turquoise Tortoise.png
  • HabboVision 2018
Pink Tortoise Pink Tortoise.png
  • Starter Quest event
Purple Tortoise Purple Tortoise.png
  • 8x8 Room Competition (September 2018)
Orange Tortoise Orange Tortoise.png
  • General Fansite Event: Got Game?
Mauve Tortoise Mauve Tortoise.png
  • Haunted House event
Scarlet Tortoise Scarlet Tortoise.png
  • [BaW] Pacman
  • [BaW] Trapdoor
  • [BaW] International Women's Day
  • [BaW] Pressure Point
Beige Tortoise Beige Tortoise.png
  • Habboween quiz 2018
Brown Tortoise Brown Tortoise.png
2018 Christmas Turtle 2018 Christmas Turtle.png
Total Tortoises 14


The 2018 Christmas Turtle looks like all of the other Tortoises, except it is a turtle.