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Release date Throughout 2015
Season N/A
Available from: Habbo Competitions

Hippos were a range of furniture that were obtained by taking part or winning Habbo competitions throughout 2015. This brought a new incentive for players to take part in these competitions along with the Badges as many players made it a goal to collect one of each colour. There were 24 colours released in total over the course of one year. Some were harder to obtain than others, which made them rarer, as they were given out to a selected few users who won a competition. This made collecting the full set a difficult, and possibly costly task as the rarer Hippos could then be sold at a high price to those who are looking to collect a full set. After a year, the Hippos were no longer released and were replaced with a new animal, the Sloths.

List of Hippos

Name Image How To Obtain
Light Blue Hippo Light blue hippo.png
Red Hippo Red hippo.png
  • Carnival Fever Competition
  • Cake Cafe: Room Competition
Ocher Hippo Ocher.png
Bluesky Hippo Bluesky hippo.png
  • Chinese New Year: Block Competition
  • A Scene From Japanese Cinema: Room Competition
Emerald Hippo Emerald.png
  • Twin Costume Event
  • Destroy The Bridge Event
  • Made in China Event
Ultra Light Hippo Ultralight.png
  • BAW Event: Bon Voyage Paris
Pistachio Hippo Pistachio.png
  • Valentine's Day: Selfie Competition
  • CandyLand: Room Competition
Grey Hippo Grey.png
  • Improve Habbo Survey
  • Madlib Challenge competition
Dark Hippo Dark.png
  • Risk of Retros Maze
  • Helicopter Rescue Event
Green Hippo Green.png
Beige Hippo Beige.png
  • Parkour Pet Game
Blue Hippo Blue.png
  • Trick or Treat event, during a Habboween campaign.
Earth Hippo Earth.png
Orange Hippo Orange.png
  • June 2019 Live Event
Gold Dipped Hippo Gold Hippo.png
  • Gnome Invasion: Pixel Art Competition
  • Gnome Invasion: Room Competition
  • Gnome Invasion: Video Competition
  • Happiest #Habbo15 Twitter Competition
  • Picnic in Paris: Block Competition
Purple Hippo Purple hippo.png
  • Hospital Ward: Habbo Style! Room Competition#
Salmon Coloured Hippo Salmon.png
  • BAW Event: Sketch Competition
  • Parisian Parlour: Room Competition
  • Exchange in Paris: Maze
  • Your Favourite Masterpiece: Block Competition
  • Habbocalypse: Outfit Competition
  • Exchange in Paris: Montmartre
Violet Hippo Violet.png
  • Exchange in Paris: Eiffel Tower
  • Exchange in Paris: Place du Tertre
Chlorophyll Hippo Chlorophyll.png
  • BAW Event: Habomens Room Competition
  • Michelin Star Restaurant: Room Competition
  • Fairytale: Room Competition
Brown Hippo Brown.png
Light Grey Hippo Light Grey.png
  • Habbo Haunted House room competition.
Coral Hippo Coral.png
  • Boxing Day 2015 Event
Turquoise Hippo Turquoise.png
Game Hub Hippo Game Hub Hippo.png
  • Habbocalypse: Recruitment Poster
  • Covey's Space Race
  • The Cemetery Event
  • Sphere Run Event
  • Hungry Hungry Habbos Event
  • PACMAN Game