Hotel Versions (V41-V50)

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Every so often, the hotel receives a few interesting updates and the hotel version/released used to change. This occurred right up until R/V63, when Sulake decided to introduce "builds" instead (e.g. Build 1335) and also, we now refer to the updates past V/R33 as "BETA updates". Different releases/versions used to be a rare occasion back in 2000-2003 but they became more common as Sulake and Habbo Hotel grew in size. Here is a list of what V41 - V50 brought to the hotel:


Facebook Promotional Logo
  • A new dialogue would pop up when players gained an achievement.
  • The ability to allow/disallow pets eating all the food in a room was introduced.
  • Users could now log into Habbo via Facebook.


Marketplace Catalog Header
  • More pet commands were added.
  • Players could view the amount of credits they had and access the news in the "Me" menu.
  • A new dialogue would pop up when players clicked the credits icon.
  • The news dialogue no longer appeared on the hotel view.
  • The Marketplace was added.
  • It was now possible to log into Habbo via a range of services.


Updated Gifts
  • Advanced gift wrapping was added - including more colours and styles.
  • Gift related achievements were added.
  • Registration was slightly edited.


  • Major updates made to the Marketplace (the ability to check availability and advanced search controls).


  • It was now possible to activate/deactivate room blocking.
  • Players could now link their Habbo account to a 3rd party service (e.g. Facebook).


Friend Requests
  • Registration with 3rd party accounts was simplified.
  • Friend requests now popped up in a bubble (if the person who sent it was in the same room as the receiver).


  • It was now possible for players to choose which HC gifts they received.
  • It was possible to change names (due to the upcoming US/Canada Hotel merge, which later expanded to 3 other English-speaking countries).


Habbo ID
  • The Habbo ID feature was added (which centered around a player's E-mail address) which enabled them to create multiple accounts on 1 ID.


  • Habbo VIP was added and HC was upgraded. New features included: different club gifts, more room layouts, more clothing colours, higher friend list limit and so on.
  • The ability to go bare foot was added for VIPs.


  • 2 new VIP gifts and more clothes were added.