Alphabet Blocks

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Alphabet Blocks
Release date: 2012
Available from: Builders Club

Alphabet Blocks are only available through the Builders Club warehouse. It has its own category and can be found at the very top of the warehouse. The blocks can be very useful in making games or shops to indicate what area or teleport what kinda furniture / place in a game is. The alphabet blocks can be colored by using the color pallet under the page.

Alongside the Alphabet Blocks are Number Blocks. Number Blocks are located between the letters 'N' and 'O'. Number blocks change from 0-9 when you double click them.

Under the alphabet blocks the Building Blocks section can be found with various shapes and colors to build with.


Alphabet Blocks

Name Image
A Block

B Block

C Block

D Block

E Block

F Block

G Block

H Block

I Block

J Block

K Block

L Block

M Block

N Block

O Block

P Block

Q Block

R Block

S Block

T Block

U Block

V Block

W Block

X Block

Y Block

Z Block

Number Block

Number blocks are found between the N and the O and can be double clicked to change the block into the numbers 0 to 9. Just like alphabet blocks u can pick a color from the color pallet below.


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