Branded Furniture

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Branded Furniture are pieces of furniture that have been sold/given out in hotels. There are a wide number of items that haven't been released on due to their use in campaigns on foreign hotels.


7-11 Cooler.png 7-11 Cooler
Blueberry Slurpee Machine.gif Slurpees
American Idol Catalogue Header.gif American Idol
BrandedFurni Dubbelfrisss.png Dubbelfrisss Machine
Y4zJubL.png Calippo
Cheetos dispenser.gif Cheetos
Chupa chups dispenser.gif Chupa Chups
Grefusa transparent.png Grefusa
Ing Trophy.gif ING Trophy
Ob pillow.gif O.B Pillow
Tampax Poster.gif Tampax
Durex tv.png Durex
Ads rangocactus.png Rango Cactus
Ads kfp2statue.gif Po's Kung Fu Kick Statue