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Release date: December 2010
Season: New Years
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)

Fireworks were first introduced to Habbo on the 22nd December 2010. Fireworks are somewhat Seasonal Rares as they aren't used as much when not near big events such as New Year and award ceremonies. Fireworks are used for many functions whether it be Weddings, New Years or even the Habbox Awards Ceremony in 2012. You name it there will be a Firework for it. Although glitches have been a common occurrence with this line, they are now an eccentric furniture range to have and they are never short of use.

At first, there weren't many Fireworks; the Nuclear Firework along with various others came to the clients as they expanded late in 2011 to celebrate yet another New Year.

Though they were initially delayed as a result of glitches, they still continue now. You can leave a room, and when you come back they will be stuck in the setting off position, fire and all, but they will not explode at the top of the room! The Fireworks selection is often released near Christmas time and for New Years 2010 and New Year 2011 Habbo didn't let the players down by releasing and expanding the range!


Fireworks are easy to use, combined with the famous 'Pixel Logo' they were originally used with Pixels. This meant that you must earn your Pixels to use them. Each Firework varied in how many Pixels were required to charge it for every ten uses. There were ten badges to receive while charging Fireworks so there the pixels were not simply "wasted".

In June 2012, with the announcement of the removal of pixels, Fireworks no longer required users to charge them with pixels. Instead, they could be set off just by pressing the launch button, no charge needed.


Name Image Motto
Nuclear Firework Nuclear Firework.png Seriously, you might want to take cover.
Bee Buster Blaster Bee Buster Blaster.png Light up the sky!
Big Bang Bug Sparkler Big Bang Bug Sparkler.png Light up the sky!
Red Firework Blaster Red Firework Blaster.png 3... 2... 1... Happy New Year!
Green Firework Blaster Green Firework Blaster.png KABOOM!
Yellow Fireworks Blaster Yellow Firework Blaster.png Let the celebrations begin!
Purple Firework Blaster Purple Firework Blaster.png Let the celebrations begin!
Fireworks Pot
Fireworks Pot.png
Double click the little button to load the panel.
Fireworks Gnome
Fireworks Gnome.png
Double click the little button to load the panel.
Fireworks Tube
Fireworks Tube.png
Double click the little button to load the panel.
Red Rocket
Red rocket.png
Double click the little button to load the panel.
Fireworks Box
Fireworks Box.png
Double click the little button to load the panel.
Fireworks Wolf Blue
Fireworks Wolf Purple