Room Queues

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Room Queue

The Habbo Queue is the same as any queue you may find. You wait until you are let in

Habbo queues are put into place so that Habbos have to wait to enter a popular room that is already full. It is usually used for rooms that are promoting something or revealing something, for example a new game. They're usually found in official rooms made by official Habbo Staff or Public Rooms and are rarely found in guest rooms. They are also used in rooms that are for Celebrity Visits.


  • Whilst in a queue, you have the option to enter spectator view, which allows you to view the room but not interact with others. You cannot speak, decorate the room or do anything else whilst in spectator view. You also usually forfeit your place in the queue when you enter spectator view.
An example of Spectator View being used during a Celebrity Visit