Grey Traxmachine

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Grey Traxmachine
Rare Values

The Grey Traxmachine is a furniture item that was uploaded amongst various other Trax Machines. It is the only Trax Machine that has never been released on an English-speaking hotel (and consequently hasn't appeared in (International) after the merge) , and is part of a small group of items which aren't available on (International). Some others include the Purple Oriental Screen and the Graphite Marquee. Only one has been given out on as part of a "Posti" competition, but it was unfortunately untradeable. Bizarrely, originally had the Black Traxmachine as the permanent one in the catalogue (like all other hotels), but this was quickly switched to the Grey Traxmachine for an unknown reason - so the Grey version was actually the permanent version on This item was also released as part of a Habbowood deal in September 2007 on

The main function of Trax Machines was; to allow users to play collections of songs from the different Trax Discs which could be put in the machine - e.g. Habbo Sounds. The translated description of this item is "Plays your songs!"

Sightings & Releases

The Grey Traxmachine has been spotted on four hotels, but only released on three of them. Here is a complete list of sightings/releases:

  • - One given out during a "Posti" competition.
  • - Spotted in "Buro" owned by ohcarolina.
  • - Sold in the catalogue as the "permanent Trax Machine".
  • - Sold in the catalogue in a Habbowood deal during September 2007.