Spirits of Japan

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Spirits of Japan
Release date: October 2021
Season: Habboween
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club (Seasonally)
Previous Campaign:
Mushroom Month
Next Campaign:
Bubblejuice Brewery

Spirits of Japan refers to the Habbo campaign that ran throughout October of 2021 to celebrate the Halloween season[1]. The launch of the campaign saw the release of a new furniture line, new clothing items, rares, a new crafting system and a new Limited Edition Rare. All items released within this campaign took inspiration from the Japanese culture, and the spirits referenced in these items originate from Japanese folk stories.


Catalogue Furniture

The launch of this campaign saw the release of a new furniture line.

Name Image Name Image
Misty Mountains Giant Bamboo
Shoji Wall Ceremonial Katanas
Sliding Shoji Door Shoji Door
Torii Gate Creaky Wooden Pillar
Teru Teru Bōzu Haunted Lantern
Mossy Stone Trap Oni Mask Trio
Creaky Platform Tatami Platform
Tatami Mat Stoney Courtyard Floor
Dusty Kotatsu Traditional Japanese Chair
Biwa Haunted Parasol
Spirit Shrine Kappa Pond
Courtyard Gravestone Kitsune Statue
Spider Lily Ichimatsu Doll
Ghostly Natto Creepy Sushi
Bowl of Matcha Basic Futon


Three new clothing items were released during this campaign. On August 31st, Habbo launched on competition through a series of tweets[2][3][4] that would see winners receive non-tradeable versions of these items.

Name Image
Onryo Hair
Spirit Flames
Ghostly Headband


A new crafting system was released alongside this campaign, the Scroll Altar was released as the crafting table. Two key ingredients were also available, the Magatama and the Purification Scroll could both be used with this crafting table for its two different functions. Some ingredients were available to purchase from the catalogue, however the Magatama were only obtainable through official games that ran throughout this campaign.

Scroll Altar
Name Image
Purification Scroll

Using the Magatama with pre-existing furniture would summon the spirits, whereas then using the Purification Scroll with the crafted item would purify them.

Ingredients Name Image
+ + Shadow Kappa
+ + Kappa
+ + + Shadow Kitsune
+ + + + + Kitsune
+ + + + Shadow Oni
+ + + + + Oni
+ + Shadow Nekomata
+ + Nekomata


Four new rares were released during this campaign; two of which were clothing items. All of which were inspired by Japanese culture.

Name Image Badge
Shinobi Outfit
Hime Cut
Cursed Mirror
Golden Flower Screen
Emerald Road Barrier

Limited Edition Rare

A new Limited Edition Rare was released during this campaign: the Grand Pagoda LTD.

Name Image Badge
Grand Pagoda

Room Bundles

The following new room bundles were released during this campaign:

The following bundles were re-released during this campaign.


Throughout this campaign, two different Offers were available to purchase.

Banquet Offer

The Banquet Offer was the first offer released in the campaign, it included a total of 87 items - including the following.

Name Image Name Image Name Image
Sweets Tray Fruits Tray Popcorn Machine
Cheese Platter Baguettes and Apples Haba John's Pizza
Snack Time Chilean Grapes Colombian Avocados
Ecuadorian Bananas Sushi Maguro Sushia Ika
Sushia Ikura Sushi Uni Sushia Tamago
Sushi Kohada Rainbow Cupcakes Portable Barbecue
Party Cake Smelly Cheese French Pancake
Cabbage Stall Aubergine Stall Tomato Stall
Fresh Bread Cart Santorini Dessert Santorini Savoury Food
Cafeteria Burger Cafeteria Meatballs Cafeteria Nuggets
Cafeteria Vegetables Exotic Fruits Bazaar Fruit Basket
Chilli Rope Leg of Lamb Sunlight City Delicacies
Tiki Tray with Fruit Tiki Tray with Pineapple Tiki Tray with Fish
Tiki Tray with Pig's Head Vegetable Bingue Meat Bingue
Cooking Pit Elegant Party Cake Forest Floor
Chocolate Rocks Pocky Stick Forest La Ofrenda
Plate of Eyeballs Plate of Brains Head On A Plate
Plate of Fingers Cupcake Tray Chocolate Fountain
Strawberries Romantic Food Habbo Cake
Chocolate Winter City Sweets Roast Turkey
Christmas Vegetables Christmas Pudding Candy Market Stall Insert
Bratwurst Market Stall Insert Gingerbread Market Stall Insert Lobster Dinner
Mince Pies Gingerbread House Snack
Christmas Ham Chestnut Roaster Christmas Meat
Eaten Ham Holiday Pudding Jack Frost's Lunch
Camping Essentials Picnic Food Camping Snacks
Curry Selection Indian Desserts Homebaked Goods
Basket of Oranges Soul Food Delicious Street Food
Mangrove Crab Promenade Litter

Each user who purchased this offer received an exclusive badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 20 Habbos have this badge

Beverage Collector Deal

The Beverage Collector Deal was the second offer to be released. A total of 50 items were included in the offer.

Name Image Name Image Name Image
Empty Cans Mint Tea Tray Tea Maker
Yellow Safe Minibar Japanese Tea Set Bobba Tea Stand
Big Soda Picnic Refreshments Drinks Tray
Gothic Drinking Fountain Bobba Pop Juice Cafetiere French Press
Teamaker Tetsubin Teapot Chilled Drinks
Teapot Barrel Minibar Mini-bar
Cyber Bar Party Tray Ice Box
Hot Chocolate [[ Romantique Treats Tray Romantique Tray
Santorini Drinks Bar School Water Fountain Tokyo Drink Vendor
Beverage Tower Beverage Tray Saloon Drinks Cabinet
Cup of Coffee Tulip Teapot Punch Bowl
Drinks Tray Party Bar Porcelain
Bubblejuice Rack Chilled Bubblejuice Fruity Slush Dispenser
Tiki Bar Eggnog Bowl Eggnog Set
Milk & Cookies Banana Drink Machine Witch's Cauldron
Traditional Tea Set Antique Tea Set Mocktails for All
Edgy Glass Distributor Assorted Mocktails

Each user who purchased this offer received an exclusive badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 22 Habbos have this badge

Teleporter Collector Deal

The third and final offer was the Teleporter Collector Deal. 41 different teleports were included in this deal.

Name Image Name Image Name Image
Habbo Falls Teleport Pharaoh Teleporter Conference Door
Blue Locker Teleport Red Locker Teleport Green Locker Teleport
Changing Room Teleport Steampunk Tele Runestone Teleport
Space Teleporter Jungle Teleport Rock Teleport
Hot Spring Teleport Attic Door Tele The Outhouse
Tent Teleport Pirate Teleport White Restaurant Door
Cyber Teleport Outhouse Teleport Mall Tele-Door
Wardrobe Telephone Box Dragon Teleport
Portaloo Door Teleport Dimensional Teleport
Monstrous Worm Teleport Garden Teleport Snapping Teleporter
Reaper Teleport Tree Teleport Lift Teleport
Lost Souls Portal Leafy Teleport Metro Entrance
Icy Teleport Forest Ring Teleport Climbing Rope
Long Lost Teleport Number 221H

Each user who purchased this offer received an exclusive badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 24 Habbos have this badge


Spirits of Japan

Alongside the launch of the campaign, two new rooms were built to showcase the new line. Players who visited both rooms received an exclusive badge.

Badge Name
There's no hiding from Yokais!

Gift Calendar

Throughout the month a new Gift Calendar was available to players in-client. Between October 4th and 31st, players could log in each day and collect either a previously released Habboween furniture item, duckets, Builders Club or Habbo Club membership, or Credits.

[HYS] Games

[HYS] Misty Mountain

A new official game was launched at the start of the campaign to promote the new campaign line; the game saw users explore the Misty Mountain to find the magic sword and purification scrolls that would purify the spirits and bring peace to the local village.

All participants who successfully completed the event received two exclusive badges.

Badge Name
Found the secret key to the old monk's cabin
Yōtō blade

Throughout the event, users also received additional prizes. These included two Magatama for use in the Spirits of Japan crafting system, and a Sapphire Capybara.

Name Image
Sapphire Capybara

[HYS] Kappa Spirit

As part of the campaign was inspired by Yokai taken from Japanese folklore, such as the Kappa, a game was launched themed around this. The Kappa Spirit game consisted of two rooms: players who successfully completed the first room of the game received a Swamp Mask Effect.

Name Image
Swamp Mask Effect

Players who completed the entire game also received a badge and three Magatama.

Badge Name
Kappa No Kawa Nagare

[HYS] The Missing Scrolls

The third game is this series to launch in the hotel was The Missing Scrolls. This consisted of three rooms; each of which presented a new part of the story to the user. The aim of the game was to locate and take the missing scrolls.

Upon successful completion of the event, users would receive Purification Scrolls, Magatama and a Sapphire Capybara, as well as two badges.

Badge Name
Wicked Kitsune
On the hunt for the missing purification scrolls

[HYS] Beware of the Oni!

The next game launched for this campaign was based around the Oni spirit. The event only consisted of one room; when this was completed users received three Magatama and a badge.

Badge Name
Escaping out of the angry Oni's cave

[HYS] Seven Pilgrims

For the next HYS game, users had to navigate themselves through an abandoned house that was haunted by seven pilgrims. Successful completion of the game would give players three Magatama and a Sapphire Capybara, as well as an exclusive badge.

Badge Name
Trapped by an Aka Manto

[HYS] The Final Battle

At the end of the month, the final game was launched in which players had a final battle with Princess Nary and other spirits. Once players have successfully completed this game, they received three Magatama and an exclusive badge.

Badge Name
The final battle against princess Nary