Enchanted Winter Forest

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Enchanted Winter Forest
Release date: December 2020
Season: Christmas
Available from: Catalogue
Builders Club (Seasonally)
Previous Campaign:
November 2020
Next Campaign:
New Year 2021

The Enchanted Winter Forest is the 2020 Christmas campaign that was held throughout the month of December in 2020[1]. The campaign takes us into the snowy depths of an enchanted winter forest. Within the range, there were new frosted trees, plants, and other furniture items.

During this campaign, four new rares were released, along with eight Room Bundles, new clothing items and a new Limited Edition Rare were released.

This was the final campaign that ran on the Flash client, as it was discontinued at the end of December. All further campaigns were launched on the Unity client, also known as Habbo 2020.


Catalogue Furniture

The following new furniture line was made available for purchase in the catalogue, along with previous Christmas lines.

Name Image Name Image
Frosted Weeds Frosted Holly Bush
Forest Stump Snowy Rock Bridge
xmas_c20_forestbg Frosted Tree
Frosted Wild Mushrooms Frozen Stream
Frozen Waterfall Pebble People
Long-lost Teleport Woodland Shrine
Small Forest Stump Frosted Snowdrops
Snow-covered Rocks Stone Arch
Stone Cauldron Enchanted Tree Stump


Four new clothing items were released during this campaign, each following the Nordic theme.

Name Image
Nordic Braids
Tartan Kilt
Tartan Sash
Back Lantern


Toward the end of the month, a new crackable New Year Gift Box was released to celebrate the New Year. Rather than containing hats like the previous gift boxes had, this year's box contained one of eight face masks.

Name Image
Spotty Facemask
Floral Facemask
Green Facemask
Kitty Facemask
My Love Facemask
Grinning Facemask
Blue Striped Facemask
Gold Facemask


Four new rares were released throughout this campaign, two of which were clothing items.

Name Image Badge
Dragonfly Wings
Inuit Outfit
Elven Ice Fountain
Enchanted Sword

Limited Edition Rare

Onenew Limited Edition Rare was released this month, the Himalayan Yak. 270 units were released into the catalogue at 500 Credits each, all of which sold.

Name Image Badge
Himalayan Yak


Rune Rocks and Rune Stones were the only ingredients needed to craft during the campaign. Players could buy a Rune Rock from the catalogue and crack them into one of five colours, and could even keep cracking it an infinite number of times to achieve the colour they desired.

At the time, crafting was not a functioning feature on Habbo 2020 and so Habbo warned users that the crafting was only available on the Flash version of Habbo.

Rune Rock Crackable
Name Image
Purple Rune Rock
Blue Rune Rock
Yellow Rune Rock
Pink Rune Rock
Green Rune Rock
Rune Stones

The Rune Stones were available by completing games through the month. Both ingredients could be used together to craft seven different items, using the Rock Crafter Crafting Table.

Rock Crafter Crafting Table
Ingredients Name Image
+ + + Rock Elder
+ + + Earth Viking
+ + + Flower Face
+ + + + Magma Gnome
+ + + + + + Icy Beast
+ + + + + + Rotund Yeti
+ + + + + + + + + Mountain Dragon

Room Bundles

Eight Room Bundles were released throughout the month. The Winter In Habbo Stonehenge and Magic Forest Bundles were newly released during the Enchanted Winter Forest campaign.

Whereas the remaining six were re-releases of previous bundles.


Advent Calendar

In the days leading up to Christmas, an advent calendar was launched in-client; from which players could log in each day and claim exclusive furniture items. There were eight new furniture items that could be obtained from the advent calendar.

Name Image Name Image
Wooden Bird Wooden Dog
Wooden Plane Wooden Train
Wooden Nutcracker Block Puzzle
Wooden House Wooden Bead Game

[BaW] Live Event:Sue's Drag Superstar

At the beginning of the month, a new Builders at Work event was launched[2]. It was themed around RuPaul's Drag Race and was hosted by SueOprahWinfrey. Everyone who attended the event received an exclusive badge, while all the contestants also received a badge. The winner received a trophy.

Badge Description Badge Description
Sue's Drag Competition 2020 Sue's Drag Superstar Finalist