Sunlight City

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Sunlight City
Release date: August 2019
Available from: Catalogue
Builders Club
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Rainy Day

Sunlight City was a furniture range and campaign that ran throughout August 2019. It was launched on August 1st when a selection of city themed ranges, including Tokyo, Paris, Urban, Winter City Festival and Venetian Cityscape were added back into the catalogue.


Catalogue Furniture

Name Image
Solar Gremlin Fine38.png
Reprocessed Water Fine48.png
Sunlight City Shop Fine53.png
Robot Shop Fine52.png
Sunlight City Balcony Fine44.png
Sunlight City Dwelling Fine36.gif
Sunlight City Wall Fine56.png
Sunlight City Divider Fine57.png
Sunlight City Chair Fine47.png
Sunlight City Table Fine58.png
Sunlight City Awning Fine35.gif
Sunlight City Plant Fine55.png Fine54.png
Sunlight City Streetlight Fine46.png
Sunlight City Waterway Fine51.png Fine50.png
Sunlight City Footbridge Fine49.png
Sunlight City Gazebo Fine45.png
Sunlight City Pavement Fine39.png
Sunlight City Weeds Fine41.png Fine42.png Fine40.png
Sunlight City Tree Fine37.png
Solar Panel Fine60.png
Sunlight City Delicacies Fine59.png


Name Image
Leafy Earrings Clothi49.png
Two Tone Top Clothi47.png
Gardening Apron Clothi35.png
Casual Kimono Clothi38.png
Skull Sprout Clothi40.png
Cropped Jumper Clothi41.png
Layered Long Skirt Clothi42.png
Zebra Pattern Shirt Clothi45.png
Leafy Hair Clothi43.png
Short Tufts Clothi39.png
Long Mohawk Clothi44.png


The Paper and Glass were available from the catalogue however the Plastic was only available as a prize in official games throughout the month.

Name Image
Trashbot Jr. Clothing floralbag 09.png
Recyclable Paper Clothing floralbag 07.png
Recyclable Glass Clothing floralbag 05.png
Recyclable Plastic Clothing floralbag 08.png
Bronze Rose Lamp Clothing floralbag 06.png
Experimental Terrarium Clothing floralbag 03.png
Leaf Patterned Vase Clothing floralbag 10.png
Gilded Clock Clothing floralbag 04.png
Leafy Mask Clothi37.png
Flutterby Mask Clothi48.png
Recycled Handbag Clothing floralbag 01.png
Zeppelin Pilot Hat Clothing floralbag 02.png


Name Image Badge
Butterfly Dress Clothi46.png SLC05.gif
Aqua Crystal Fountain Suncit12.png SLC06.gif
Feathered Cowl Clothi34.png SLC07.gif
Sunlight City Biosphere K3RsnN2.gif SLC08.gif

Limited Edition Rare

The Duck Sanctuary was released on the 29th of August. There were 324 units available for 375 Credits each and they all sold out within two minutes.

Name Image Badge
Duck Sanctuary Suncit18.png SLC09.gif

Room Bundles

Two new Room Bundles were released during the campaign:

Two older bundles were rereleased: