Santa's Workshop

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Santa's Workshop
Release date: December 2013
Season: Christmas
Available from: Catalogue (seasonally)
Builders Club (seasonally)

The Christmas 2013 campaign took the theme of 'Santa's Workshop'. This campaign saw the traditional release of a new range of Christmas themed furniture of the same theme. As well as normal items in the Shop, there were a small number of Rares and one Super Rare. The campaign lasted from the first day of Advent, which is ordinarily the 1 December on Habbo, and ran through to January 2014, when the last competition prizes were given out.



These items were released in the catalogue. They were purchasable as single items, or as part of the Christmas Bundle.

Name Image
Blue Toy Block
Green Toy Block
Red Toy Block
Purple Toy Block
Green Paint Splat
Yellow Paint Splat
Blue Paint Splat
Purple Paint Splat
Candy Machine
Candy Pipe
Workshop Chair
Workshop Floor
Workshop Table
Large Wooden Block
Small Wooden Block
Eggnog Bowl
Eggnog Set
Gingerbread House
Wrapping Paper Pillar
Santa's Workdesk
Wooden Horse
Mahogany Shelves
Carpenter's Carpet
Christmas Tree Light
Paint Bucket
Mallet and Chisel
Mince Pies

Credit & Rare Furniture

These items were available as bonus gifts for margins of credit purchase from Habbo. Some were given as competition prizes, namely the Emerald Duck and Diamond Duck. These last two are Credit Furni.

Name Image
Candy Terminal
Icy Ice Cream Maker
Magical Machine
Emerald Duck
Diamond Duck

Snowflake Furniture

As in previous years, Habbo ran a dual-currency alongside the credit during the Christmas period, the familiar Snowflakes. In 2013, there were a handful of new items in this range, purchasable through Snowflakes earned by purchasing credits or completing Snowflake Quests.

Name Image
Icy Blue Plant
Icy Cactus
Icy Candelabra
Icy Cannon
Icy Cupid
Icy Duck Shrub
Icy Lamp Post
Icy Sink
Icy Thorn Bush
Icy Tiki Statue

Super Rare Furniture

The Robot Dinosaur was the only super rare to emerge from the campaign, meant to resemble an expensive children's toy from the workshop. It was given out to the top ten winners of the Santa's Workshop room design competition.

Name Image
Robot Dinosaur


Christmas on Habbo is always a time for non-stop competitions and prize giving; Christmas in 2013 was no different, though was the first to occur after the Builders Club feature release. This allowed entrants to design rooms much more elaborately and for a cheaper price, opening up the competition prizes to a much greater participant base.

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