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Stacking on Habbo is the art of placing multiple pieces of furni on or in each other. Habbos stack furniture together to combine the visual characteristics of separate furni pieces, to display furni at heights otherwise unreachable, and also largely for neatness. Many furniture like tables and bar/corners doesn't really require a stacking method for simple layering because you can already place furni on top of them, however the majority of items and especially those such as seats and beds require the use of stacking in order to combine them with other furni.

Roller Stacking

In earlier years, Habbos used Rollers to stack furniture on top of each other - since the introduction of the Magic Stack Tile, this method has become obsolete although it is still functional. Stacking with rollers is the very first and oldest method players ever used to stack furni on top or in each other that could not usually be stacked on.

The higher a player wanted to build, the more rollers there had to be in the room; the amount of rollers must equal or outnumber the total count of furniture you want to stack. For example: if you wanted to place 2 furniture on top of each other, you needed to have 2 rollers in the room, to place 3 furniture on top of each other you needed 3 rollers in the room etc..


  • 1. Get two Rollers, and make them face each other so you items back and forth on them.
  • 2. Drop a Z Shelf on the Rollers.
  • 3. After you are sure the Z Shelf is going back and forth, drop an item (we will call it A) on top of the Shelf.

Room example 01a.png

  • 4. After that, remove the Z Shelf so the item is moving in the air.
  • 5. Drop another item (we will call this B) under the Rollers, but make sure you drop it as soon as item A is moving to the next Roller. In doing so, you will drop B directly under A. This may take some practice because it isn’t very easy at first.

Room example 02.jpg


  • 1. Gather four Rollers, and drop them to make a continuous loop.
  • 2. Drop a Z Shelf, and then an item on top of it (we will call the item A).

Room example 03.jpg

  • 3. Now, remove the Z Shelf so item A is left floating, and moving in a circle.
  • 4. Drop another item (we will call it item B) so that it goes under item A, like in the other tutorial.
  • 5. Now it gets difficult. You now should have A and B moving around in a circle on top of each other. Place a Z Shelf on the Roller right in front of A and B, just moments before they move to it. If you do it right, the two items will rise up, being "pushed" into the air by the Shelf.

Room example 04.jpg

  • 6. It should now look like the above picture, with the previously stacked items raised and the Shelf in front of them.
  • 7. Now you have to remove the Z Shelf. You should be left with items A and B still floating in the air.
  • 8. Repeat step four to get a third item in the pile.

Room example 05.jpg

  • 9. If what you have looks like the above image, then you have mastered this version of stacking! You can drop a Z Shelf to make the items go up again, then add another item. With four Rollers, however, there is a limit to how much Furni you can place on them. When you reach this limit, no more Furni can be added. To fix this, drop more Rollers anywhere in the room, then reload the room.

Stack Magic Tile

The Stack Magic Tile is a furniture created to help a Habbo with stacking. There are 3 sizes of tile available:

1x1 Stack Magic Tile 1x2 Stack Magic Tile 2x2 Stack Magic Tile
Stacker1x1.png Stacker1x2.png Stacker2x2.png

If a player double clicks on the stacker tile a small tab will open with a slider, input box, "Place on top" button and a "Place at floor level" button. Players can manually control the slider or put a number in the input box, with the height restriction of 40.

If a player places a Stack Magic Tile on a furni from their inventory, it will automatically take the height of the furni. If the tile is already in the room and is moved to another area, or it will go to floor level no matter what is placed there already.