The Wild

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The Wild
Release date: August 2010
Season: N/A
Available from: Catalogue
Builders Club

The Wild was a furniture range released into the Habbo Catalogue on the 20th August 2010. It was released to coincide with the new pet Lion that was released 2 days previous. The range was small, including 3 new, different items that would work well with the Pets.

Although the furni weren't available for a long period of time the range is still available to buy from the Catalogue under different sections. The Savannah Patch included has also featured in the Country range and the African Savannah range, the latter being released in 2012. Before other ranges similar to The Wild was also known as the (African) Savannah range and the items also appeared under that heading.


Name Image
African Bones
Savannah Patch
Stick Fence