Summer 2018

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Summer 2018
Release date: July 2018
Season: Summer
Available from: Catalogue (seasonally)
Builders Club (seasonally)
Previous Campaign:
Coral Kingdom
Next Campaign:

Summer 2018 was the Summer Habbo campaign that ran throughout July 2018[1]. Like the previous seasonal campaigns, a section of the catalogue consisting of previous summer furniture from was made available. Health Spa, Habbo Palooza and some VIP Posters were also available for a few days at a time.

Similar to other Summer campaigns, a Summer gift calendar returned to the client which gave users a free item every day in July. From this, Habbos could earn free days of Builders Club, Habbo Club, Credits, Duckets or furniture.



Two new wearable rares were released during this month.

Name Image Badge
Wavy Locks

Exotic Birds

Six rare, collectible Exotic Birds were released, each available for one day only.

Name Images Release Date Badge
Puffin 2 July 2018
Spoonbill 3 July 2018
Cardinal 4 July 2018
Crane 5 July 2018
Quetzal 6 July 2018
Peacock 7 July 2018

Each user who purchased all six birds received an exclusive extra badge.

According to HabboWidgets, 186 different users have the badge.

Limited Edition Rare

One Limited Edition Rare, the 2018 Football Trophy, was released during the campaign for the price of 500 Credits each.

Name Image Badge
2018 Football Trophy

Furniture Packs

Various furniture packs were released during the campaign for 20 Credits and 20 Diamonds each. Each pack also came with an exclusive badge that was awarded to each player who bought them.

Palooza Packs

The Palooza Packs included furniture from the Habbo Palooza and Gallery furniture lines.

Items Badge
Palooza Pack 1
  • Bonnie Blonde
  • Hoopla Tent
  • Blue Flag Bunting
  • Rockabilly Guitar Case
Palooza Pack 2
  • Inflatable Party Pool
  • Yellow Flag Bunting
  • Duck Funk Revolution
  • The Screaming Furnies

Beach Packs

The Beach Pack 1 mostly included furniture from the Tiki furniture line and the Beach Pack 2 included furniture from the Big Wave line.

Items Badge
Beach Pack 1
  • Tiki Parasol
  • Tiki Tray with Fruit
  • Green Surfboard
  • Tiki Bar
  • Beach Recliner
Beach Pack 2
  • Black Deck Chair
  • Beach Ball
  • Ice Box
  • Van (Green)
  • Pink Raft

Room Bundles

The following new bundle was released during this campaign.

The following older bundle was re-released during this campaign.


Celebrate USA's Independence Day!

On July 4th, a new event was launched in the hotel that celebrate the US Independence Day[2]. The event consisted of a serious of events that included different themes that were related to different aspects of American culture that are often used to celebrate the holiday; including fishing, eating contests and firework shows.

Badge Name
The founding feathers
I <3 USA! Independence Day 2018

Habbo 18

It was during this campaign that Habbo celebrated its 18th birthday; the Habbo 18 game was launched in-client and, upon completion of the game, players had a choice of three designs to vote for[3]. Whichever design received the most votes would be created and sold in the catalogue to celebrate the hotel's 18th anniversary. This was later revealed to be the Habbo 18 Throne; it was sold on July 30th for 75 Credits and 75 Diamonds.

Name Image
Habbo 18 Throne