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Release date: September 2012
Available from: Builders Club (Under Jetset)
Catalogue counter for Diamonds

Jetset refers to a campaign that Sulake created in late September 2012 (which lasted until mid October 2012) in order to boost the usage of certain Premium Subscriptions - i.e. VIP. Many different furniture pieces were released into the catalogue (the majority of them only being purchasable for VIP users) and three different room-building competitions took place. The entire campaign was split into three different "themed parties"; Yacht Parties, Premiere Parties and Vault Party.


Quests accompanied the three main themes and users could gain "Access Passes" (Badges essentially) from these quests. There were many outcries over the quests due to some of them being ridiculously hard and not fitting in with the VIP theme at all - e.g. "Pass a drink 300 times" or "Wave for 15 minutes". Users could simply buy an Access Pass from the catalogue with Credits if they didn't want to complete the quests to gain one.

Diamond Dragon Lamp

Furniture & Currency

VIP was also reduced during the Jetset campaign. The price of the three months VIP bundle decreased to only 30 Credits. A new form of currency was also introduced - Diamonds - alongside "Diamond Rares" which consisted of the Diamond Dragon Lamp and the Diamond Throne, as well as the re-released Red Ice Cream Maker and Habbo Cola Machine. Sulake Staff also developed a new room background called "Monte Carlo". Diamonds at the time were a temporary currency such as Snowflakes and Pumpkins, but have since returned as a permanent feature.

The Jetset campaign ended one day into the Halloween 2012 campaign due to the final room-building competition ending at that point.