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Quests used to only be done near seasons such as Christmas but recently Habbo released Quests mainly suited for the newer characters. Although these Quests are different to those that are held near major events in the year, you do gain something from doing them; Pixels. Quests for the major holidays in the year can allow you to gain Snowflakes, Hearts and Seashells in past promotions to gain Gifts linked to them such as Snowflake Gifts, Heart Gifts, and Shell Gifts.

Currently, we use a free currency know as duckets which could be earned from doing quests and just by logging into Habbo!

Quests could be done by clicking the clipboard icon with the checkmark on it and activate one of the quests. If you could not go any further in one of the quests you could simple activate another one, the progress of the previous quests would be saved and could be completed later on.

By doing the Battle Banzai and Freeze quests, achievements could be earned. With up to 10 achievement levels for both quests.


Make Friends

The Make Friends quests are the first in the list that can be completed. Simple tasks such as chatting or waving at someone making this, with only 6 quests to complete and the 'Your Profile' quests the two simplest quests in the list.

The folowing quests needed to be completed:

  • Explore other Hotel Rooms! Visit at least one room.
  • Go find other player and start chatting!
  • Make friends with another player.
  • Try breaking the ice with some respect!
  • Join a party and start dancing.
  • Greet someone with a wave.

Your Profile

The 'Your Profile' quests had 3 tasks and were easy to do. All you had to do was change your look, motto and wear a badge.

The following quests needed to be completed:

  • Update your clothes, hair and accessories to find your own style!
  • Update your motto. What's on your mind?
  • Wear your favorite badge and let other players see it!

Explore Habbo

In order to complete this quest all you had to do was finding certain items and double click or walk on it. The quest consisted of 16 tasks and many Habbo's made certain 'Quest Rooms' with all the items in it to make it more easy to complete it.

The folowing quests needed to be completed:

  • We are looking for a new lifeguard for one of our Hotel beaches
  • Take a swim!
  • Find a Green Surfboard somewhere. A beach perhaps...?
  • Find a Hotel Staffer's Yellow Van.
  • Dance nonstop in the Hotel Disco!
  • Dance in the glow of a Disco Ball!
  • Find a Hotel room with a jukebox.
  • Find a Battle Banzai room. Walk through a blue gate to start playing!
  • Find a Battle Banzai game room and head for the game tiles.
  • Find a 'Random Teleporter'
  • Find a Red Freeze Gate!
  • Each team in Freeze has its own score board
  • Play a game of Freeze and find an exit tile.
  • Find an Ice Rink and step on the ice to get your skates on.
  • Tag, you're it! Find a room with this pole in it and play tag.
  • Find one of the Habbo's awesome Roller Rinks.

Battle Banzai

This quest was mainly focused on the Battle Banzai game and consisted of 22 quests. The first 3 quests could be done by simply double clicking on the items. the other quests are actually about playing the game. Note that for the winning quests you needed to have someone from the opposite team in order to complete the quest.

The following quests needed to be completed:

  • Find a Battle Banzai game room with a Counter
  • Find a Battle Banzai Scoreboard
  • Walk through a Battle Banzai Gate to join a team
  • Warm up by locking some tiles.
  • Surround at least 1 tile with locked tiles in your color.
  • Push the Battle Banzai puck
  • Play three games of Battle Banzai to hone your skills.
  • Lock 50 tiles in the game arena.
  • Lock an area of at least 4 tiles 3 times.
  • Win Battle Banzai game.
  • Lock 100 tiles
  • Lock an area of at least 9 tiles 4 times.
  • Win 2 Battle Banzai games.
  • Lock 200 tiles.
  • Lock an area of at least 16 tiles 6 times.
  • Win 3 Battle Banzai games.
  • Lock 400 tiles
  • Lock an area of at least 25 tiles 8 times
  • Win 5 Battle Banzai games.
  • Lock 800 tiles.
  • Lock an area of at least 36 tiles 10 times.
  • Win 10 Battle Banzai games.
  • Congratulations! You're now a Battle Banzai Overlord. Wear that badge with pride!


Just like the Battle Banzai quests, the Freeze quests focused mainly on the Freeze game. Although Battle Banzai doesn't feature power-ups, these tasks can be a little bit trickier to complete since there are no Ice Blocks in the Builders Club section.

The following quests needed to be completed:

  • Join a Freeze game.
  • Double-click a Freeze tile to complete this quest.
  • Find a Freeze Ice Block in a Free game room.
  • Start playing Freeze by throwing a snowball.
  • Now try to break Ice Blocks with bombs and collect a power-up when one appears.
  • Find and double-click a Freeze Counter to complete this quest.
  • Double-click a Freeze Scoreboard.
  • Double-click a Freeze Exit Tile.
  • Play a game of Freeze.
  • Freeze a player from an opposing team.
  • Collect a Bigger Bomb Power-up to complete this quest.
  • Collect more Freeze blaster Power-ups.
  • Collect the X-Blast Power-up.
  • Collect a Mega Snowball Power-Upwhile playing Freeze.
  • Collect a Shield Power-up to complete this quest.
  • Collect an extra life Power-Up in Freeze.
  • Win a game of Freeze.
  • Freeze 3 players from opposing teams.
  • Collect 10 Freeze power-ups
  • Win 2 games of Freeze.
  • Freeze 7 players.
  • Collect 20 Freeze power-ups.
  • Win three Freeze games.
  • Freeze 10 players!
  • Collect 30 Freeze power-ups.
  • Win 4 Freeze games.
  • Freeze 13 players.
  • Collect 40 Freeze power-ups.
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