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Levels is a Habbo feature introduced in the Habbo 2020 update. Every Habbo avatar has an assigned level based on their achievements, badges, room hosting and owned furni. Habbos can increase their scores in these four areas to increase their level, currently up to a maximum of 30.

Certain levels allow users to unlock certain features, such as earning a Trading Pass at level 6 and Credit Donation at level 15, as well as being awarded duckets and credits for each level reached.

Information on a user’s level and how close they are to reaching the next level is found by clicking on Profile and then Level Info.


Your avatar level is calculated on four categories: Achievements, Badges, Room Hosting and Furni.

Your total level score is calculated using your scores from these categories. However, your score for a specific category cannot exceed the total score of the categories above it. As you can see in the screenshot, although this user’s furni score is 179, only 97 of that counts because it cannot be more than the three categories above combined (achievements + badges + room hosting = 97 in this case).

For example, if you have 10 points for Achievements and Badges, but 0 for room hosting and 0 for furni, your score would be 20. But if you also owned 100 unique furni, your overall score would be capped at 40, because Achievements (10) + Badges (10) = 20, so only your first 20 furni scores would count – meaning your total is 10+10+20 = 40. If one of your levels is in yellow, this means it has already exceeded the ones above and cannot contribute further to your level score without the others being added to.


You get 1 point for every achievement level you earn (e.g. if you reach level X of online time, that is 10 points). Old achievement scores from the Flash client do not affect this, but some archived achievements (found in the Archive section) do count towards this total.


You get 1 point for every badge you own (excluding achievement badges). Badges can be gained in a variety of ways, but most commonly through official badge events and buying certain furni or bundles.

Room hosting

You get points for how long Habbos spend in your room. The amount of time they spend in your room is multiplied by their level and divided by “a high number” to give your score. E.G. Frank (level 20) spends 1000 minutes in your room. The formula (using 10,000 as an example for the as-yet unreleased high number) would be: (1000 x 20)/10000 = 2 points. This room hosting score is completely separate from the old achievement on the Flash client, and all accounts started at 0 when the Unity client was released.


You get 1 point for every unique item of furni you own (excluding sticky notes, camera photos and BC furni).


For each level you pass, you get set rewards. See the table below for the points needed and rewards you get at each level.

Level Points Reward
Level 1
Level 2 30 40 Duckets
Level 3 35 40 Duckets
Level 4 45 45 Duckets
Level 5 60 45 Duckets
Level 6 75 50 Duckets
Level 7 95 100 Duckets
Level 8 115 110 Duckets
Level 9 140 110 Duckets
Level 10 165 200 Duckets
Level 11 190 -
Level 12 215 120 Duckets
Level 13 240 120 Duckets
Level 14 270 130 Duckets
Level 15 300 130 Duckets
Level 16 340 -
Level 17 390 -
Level 18 450 -
Level 19 520 -
Level 20 600 -
Level 21 700 225 Duckets
Level 22 800 225 Duckets
Level 23 900 225 Duckets
Level 24 1100 -
Level 25 1300 240 Duckets
Level 26 1600 -
Level 27 2000 270 Duckets
Level 28 2500 -
Level 29 3200 -
Level 30 4000 -