New Years 2010

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New Years 2010
Release date: December 2010
Season: New Years
Available from: Catalogue (seasonally)
Builders Club (seasonally)

New Years 2010 campaign ran in December 2010. During the campaign, Habbo introduced new furniture, a video competition related to it, and a whole new trophy competition. The video had to include the Fireworks. The top 20 videos won 2 months VIP, the full furniture line that they released, and the new New Years badge.

The other competition involved a new range of Trophies. This required a player and their friends sending each other suitable Trophies in the hope of becoming the top of the categories that were available. Categories included Best Room Builder, Best Friend, Hottest Guy, Hottest Girl and even Most Fashionable Habbo. This caused a lot of competition throughout the whole of Habbo as the winners would receive a Super Rare Habbo of the year trophy. Many Habbos used clones to send themselves the trophies.


Name Image Motto
Nuclear Firework Seriously, you might want to take cover.
Bee Buster Blaster Light up the sky!
Big Bang Bug Sparkler Light up the sky!
Red Firework Blaster 3... 2... 1... Happy New Year!
Green Firework Blaster KABOOM!
Yellow Firework Blaster Let the celebrations begin!
Purple Firework Blaster Let the celebrations begin!
Red Waver Be hypnotized!
Blue Waver Be hypnotized!
Green Waver Be hypnotized!
Yellow Waver Be hypnotized!
Countdown Building Bring in 2011!
Habbo Award Trophy Congratulations for being nominated in the 2010 Habbo Awards!
Best Room Builder Whose room do you admire most?
Hottest Guy His pixels make you melt.
Hottest Girl Has one lucky lady caught your eye?
Best Friend of 2010 Show your BFF you care!
Most Fashionable Habbo Who's on your best dressed list?hottest

Trophies and Nominations

Images of the trophies are included in the table below.

Hottest Guy Nominations

  • BelieveMeSafety
  • Fluid
  • saaraan

Hottest Girl Norminations

  • 5N
  • Puppel
  • Carehome

Most Fashionable Nominations

  • 3XP
  • Super!Krazy
  • Votes

Room Builder Nominations

  • ravinson
  • GTA
  • Financer

Best Friend Nominations

  • Creptll
  • Pass
  • -Curtis