Christmas 2009

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Release date: December 2009
Season: Christmas
Available from: Catalogue (seasonally)
Builders Club (seasonally)

Christmas 2009 moved away from bringing the usual furniture such as Christmas Trees and instead focused on the sweeter side by providing players with Candy Canes and Snowmen. Some items in the range appear popular all year round, such as the Lodge Wall which makes use as a normal, non-seasonal wall throughout the other three seasons.

The furniture in the line were released in parts. Throughout the month, Habbo did an 'Advent' promotion whereby you received a gift each day. This varied from furniture, Badges and home page stickers. The final gift in the calendar was to see the pantomime of the Habbo staff back when the community was more popular.

There was also a range of Baubles released for the Christmas period.


Name Image Motto
Xmas Tree Wall Xmas Tree Wall.gif Don't you just love snow...
Snow Forest Wall Snow Forest Wall.gif Covered in snow...
Christmas Fireplace Xm09 frplc.gif Warm and cozy!
Flatscreen TV Flatscreen TV.gif Catch the latest news of the pre-Holiday season!
Snowman Legs Snowman Legs.gif What can you build?
Snowman middle Snowman middle.gif What can you build?
Snowman head Snowman head.gif What can you build?
Candy Canes Candy Canes.gif got candy?
Holiday Bench Holiday Bench.gif Will everyone fit?
Holiday Table Holiday Table.gif Enough room for an entire family
Lodge Wall Lodge Wall.gif Keep the heat in and the cold out
Large Bauble Large Bauble.gif Isn't it pretty!
Holiday Stocking Holiday Stocking.gif Are they filled with coal?


Name Image Motto
Hot Chocolate Maker Hot Chocolate Machine.gif Cocoa and Christmas. Excellent!


Baubles were released during the Christmas 2009 campaign. They came in various sets and you could purchase 6 for 3 Credits. They are now released each year and Snowflake Gifts provide iced versions of them. All of them are valued at 1 Credit each.

They were popular room decorations and are more suited to the Christmas period.

Name Image
Ball Baubles Xm09 bauble 1.png Xm09 bauble 3.gif Xm09 bauble 2.gif Xm09 bauble 4.gif Xm09 bauble 5.gif
Heart Baubles Red Heart Bauble.gif Green Heart Bauble.gif Blue Heart Bauble.gif Yellow Heart Bauble.gif White Heart Bauble.gif Pink Heart Bauble.gif
Tall (Striped) Baubles Tall Red Bauble.gif Tall Green Bauble.gif Tall Blue Bauble.gif Tall Yellow Bauble.gif Tall White Bauble.gif
Striped Baubles Red Striped Bauble.gif Green Striped Bauble.gif Blue Striped Bauble.gif Yellow Striped Bauble.gif White Striped Bauble.gif
Misc. Baubles Purple Green Bauble.gif Tall Red Striped Bauble.gif Tall Blue Striped Bauble.gif White Dot Bauble.gif Tall Yellow Striped Bauble.gif Green White Bauble.gif

Advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar for 2009 provided a set gift per day to each Habbo logging in - although many were actually community gifts and new releases that the entirety of Habbo could enjoy. There was no bonus prize for logging in for all 26 days as there had been with the Penguins of the previous year. Here are the gifts/releases that were added during Christmas 2009:

  • Day 1 - "Advent Calendar TV" given out
  • Day 2 - New Homepage Sticker given out
  • Day 3 - Christmas song (downloadable) released
  • Day 4 - Bears were placed into the catalogue
  • Day 5 - New Homepage Background given out
  • Day 6 - Poinsetta given out
  • Day 7 - New Homepage Sticker given out
  • Day 8 - Bauble given out
  • Day 9 - New Homepage Background given out
  • Day 10 - New Homepage Sticker given out
  • Day 11 - Snowman Base given out
  • Day 12 - New Homepage Sticker given out
  • Day 13 - New Pet Food added to the catalogue
  • Day 14 - Snow furniture went on discount
  • Day 15 - New Homepage Sticker given out
  • Day 16 - New "Tonga" game released
  • Day 17 - Pet Food went on discount
  • Day 18 - Terriers were placed into the catalogue
  • Day 19 - Country Fireplace given out
  • Day 20 - Bauble given out
  • Day 21 - Staff events were hosted throughout the day
  • Day 22 - Some furniture went on discount
  • Day 23 - Pigs were released into the catalogue
  • Day 24 - Stocking given out
  • Day 25 - New Homepage Sticker given out
  • Day 26 - Snowball Lantern given out.

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