Dragon Ninja

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Dragon Ninja
Release date: May 2012
Season: N/A
Available from: MarketPlace

The Dragon Ninja promotion (known by its catalogue page as Shinobi) proved short yet sweet with a new range released into the Catalogue along with old Japanese furniture. The promotion enabled you to become a ninja when buying these furniture from the Catalogue you get a free effect and the effect lasted a mere thirty seconds after activating; within that time you had to go unnoticed by other Habbo players but also get noticed too, this earned you Achievements.


Name Image
Shoji Divider
Shoji Divider.png
Shoji Gate
Shoji Gate.png
jp_wall name
Jp wall name.png
Japanese Sky Lantern
Japanese Sky Lantern.png
Shiki Futon
Shiki Futon.png