Seasonal Rares

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A Seasonal Rare

Seasonal Rares are the furni items that are linked to holidays within the year and different seasons. Over the space of the year, Habbo releases old and new Seasonal Rares for players to buy. Their most popular ranges include Halloween, Voodoo and Christmas 2008.

Each year Habbo attempt to expand the ranges whilst also releasing the old favourites, sometimes new sub-categories are created such as Gothic and Flower Power indicating that promotions and new furniture are on the horizon. The most recent seasonal furni range to be released was Flower Power, this surrounded the Monster Plant promotion that was occurring and included cheap items such as small flowers and trees.

The smallest range of seasonals are those that are released at Easter with only four items being included that aren't Achievements based such as Bunny Run. However, the biggest range is currently the Voodoo and Christmas 2009 ranges due to them having the newest and old furniture within them.

Although the Seasonal Rares are usually released due to a promotion or the holiday coming up they can be crossed into other categories, for example, the Bunny in the Easter section made it into the 'Myth' section when Habbo went through a 'Myth Bunny' phase whereas some Valentines 2007 furni made it into the Christmas Gifts section.

Overall, Seasonal Rares are flexible within their own range meaning they can be a part of other ranges too; they are also near enough released each year thus Habbo players are on edge as to when they will be released.