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Trading is a method of transferring Furni from one player to another. Credits can also be indirectly traded by making use of the Credit Furni. The majority of Habbo furniture items can be traded, however certain pieces are made to be untradeable, either to maintain rarity or to ensure that specific rewards cannot be taken from a user. There are 9 boxes on the trade system, so players are able to transfer 9 different types of item to another user in one trade. Multiples of each item can however be given at a time, allowing for "bulk" trading and selling.

In order to use player-to-player trade, a Habbo must previously have attained Habbo Citizenship through the Talent Track, a requirement since superseded by the necessity of completing a new Trading Pass achievement to gain access to the MarketPlace on the Habbo 2020 client.

Player-to-player trading (using the trade box) was not originally an option in the Unity client, but remains possible in the downloadable Client as well as the Habbo Mobile App, and was stated as being in development for Unity to futureproof the culture of trading on the hotels.