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Habbo 2020 is a Client update released in late 2020. It was necessary after the news that Flash, which the Habbo Client had relied on since the New Habbo update, would be discontinued at the end of 2020. The 2020 Client is built with Unity.

The client brought new features and updates to current features. The first new feature to be revealed was user levels which were seen in the first screenshot shared of the client, on 7 October 2019. There are major changes to some systems such as BC, HC and trading, which have caused consternation with some players.

A full list of FAQs can be found here (for Sandbox beta testers) and here (Habbo Help FAQ guide).

The official closed Beta of Habbo2020 started on 26 October 2020, with a small selection of Habbos chosen to test out the new system at first and more added as time went on.

The open Beta was confirmed to be released in December 2020, however Habbo confirmed that many features, furni and functionality would be missing to begin with. From the FAQ: "Due to time constraints we’ve had to prioritise certain features in order to have a playable version of Habbo ready before the removal of support for Flash on major browsers later this year. We’re asking for you to bear with us over the coming months while we continue to develop the game and add as many features – existing AND new – as possible."

The Turkish hotel was the first to receive the open Beta at approximately 8pm (local time) on 17 December 2020. On 21 December, the Beta was released on Habbo.com.br, Habbo.nl, Habbo.fr and Habbo.fi hotels.


  • There is no direct player-to-player trading on the first launch of Habbo.
  • All trading now takes place through the Marketplace with a separate tab for Private trades, where you can send furni trade offers to people on your Friend list once the feature is added.
  • There were originally going to be no free trades or furni-for-furni trade options. All sales would cost Credits for both parties, either directly as the buyer or through MP taxation as the seller.
  • Direct trading was then to be developed "hopefully for summer 2021" but would have been limited to selling items between those on your friends list using the Marketplace rather than true trading.
  • On 05/11/2020 it was announced by Alyx (global community manager) that the development team are working on a feature that will allow credits to be donated, as a response to fears over the inability to give any payments/rewards/winnings without a free trade system.
  • On 12/11/2020 the above donation feature was released on the beta hotel. It allows players to donate between 2c and 10c, originally with 1c being deducted as a fee with every donation. This has since been changed to add 1c to the sender's fee instead, making it easier to donate in multiples of 10. Received donations will go to the "earnings" window, and to send donations an account must be at least level 15.
  • On 03/03/2021 it was announced by Alyx that following a lot of development discussion, player-to-player trading will be added to the Unity client. This means that giveaways, prizes, and gifts will be able to be given as freely as ever. The "private sales" tab of the marketplace is still also in development to allow for offline trading to take place.


A new feature in Habbo2020, the Vault is similar to a player's Purse. Credits will either go to a player's purse or vault depending on how the credits were received:

  • Real money credit purchases and voucher code redeems will never go to your vault.
  • Avatar level progression and achievement rewards always go to your vault, but they are shown and collected in the earnings window first so that you know what you're getting.
  • Other cases: credits go primarily to your purse, but if your total credit amount (counting both the credits in your purse and vault) goes over 500, the exceeding part goes to your vault instead. The credits already in your purse are not affected, even if they go over the limit.
  • Credits you withdraw from your vault will go to your purse permanently.

The Vault has an 80% tax on withdrawals - e.g. to withdraw 1c you need a minimum of 6c in your vault. You can only withdraw the full amount in your vault at once.

Any credits that users already had before the launch of the Vault were not placed into the vault but carried over in their entirety.

To unlock your vault permanently, you must make real-life purchases. The minimum purchase appears to be 55c currently.


An upgraded feature in Habbo2020, the Earnings feature incorporates all earnings from Achievements, Habbo Club gifts and payday bonus, Advent calendar gifts (for example at Christmas), Marketplace earnings, and level progression. You can earn both Duckets and Credits from the methods listed above.

Changes include:

  • Advent Calendar gifts can only be claimed on the day (previously you could claim the previous few days if you miss them).
  • Habbo Club gifts can only be claimed on the month you are eligible for them.


  • The Shop's 'Premium' section will be where you get your currency and memberships from in Habbo 2020.
  • Searching for and filtering items in the Shop has been made clearer and easier.
  • The Shop's layout has been changed to make featured and discounted items easier to see.


  • There is a 'Recall all' button added to the Marketplace where you can recall all items you have for sale in the Marketplace at once.
  • There is a bulk listing tool where you can list multiples of the same item for the same price at once.
  • Habbo originally tweeted: "We've altered the marketplace tax so that it is more progressive. Lower-priced items will be taxed less than they are currently." - however once the Beta launched, it was announced that all items would be subject to an "operation fee" of 10% of the item's price, paid upfront when placing an item for sale. The fee would have been non-refundable, whether the item sold or not. After mass outcry this was again changed, with the upfront operation fee being removed and a new formula being written in to determine the difference between customer cost and vendor reward.
  • A 'Travelling Salesman' achievement is required in order to scale up the maximum amount each Habbo can charge for an item in the Marketplace. This achievement requires a Habbo to sell a certain number of items in order to level up, to a maximum level of 5. With each achievement level a user's maximum sale price increases tenfold.
  • There is a maximum marketplace price of 100,000c.


  • There is no traditional homepage - the Hotel View will be the landing page once you visit Habbo.com
  • You can zoom in and out using your trackpad/middle mouse wheel.
  • Scaling for higher resolutions has been implemented - originally the entire UI was designed with mobile users in mind.

Looks Editor

  • Instead of icons we now have the names of each body part, and within each section there are icons displayed on the left as sub-categories.
  • The Wardrobe has its own category now too instead of being on the right side of the editor.
  • There is an icon with a shopping cart that links to the clothing section of the Shop which makes it easier to buy new clothes instantly.


  • You can only own a maximum of 50 pets.
  • There is a limit of 5 pets in a room.
  • There is a new "Pet Holiday" feature which costs 5c, where you can pay to send your pet "for a holiday". It is irreversible - e.g. you do not get your pet back.
  • Pets are renamable, reducing the need to purchase new pets if you wish to give one a specific name.


  • Once you buy a Group you can no longer edit its name or badge.
  • Group membership limits will fluctuate depending on the level of those within it - adding a higher level Habbo to your group will increase its capacity by more than adding a new, low level Habbo.


  • Habbo 2020 has a much neater and clearer way of showing you the achievements you have and the progress you've made with them. There are also new achievements for all Habbos to complete.

Star Gems

A new feature of Habbo2020, Star Gems are a feature which replace the old Respects system from the Flash client. You can give them to Habbos via their user profile. They cost 1 Ducket each and you can get a series of New Achievements from both giving and receiving them.

Originally non-functional items

The following items were confirmed as non-functional for the start of the open Beta of Habbo 2020. Habbo confirmed that all of the following were intended to be fixed as the Beta progresses, and some of these (such as black holes) were even found to be functioning in the Beta version on its first open release.

  • Stickie notes
  • Stickie poles
  • Badge display cases
  • Black holes
  • Tents
  • Mini-game systems (snow war, hockey etc.)
  • Monster plants
  • Room dimmers / mood lights / background colour furni
  • Camera photo wall items
  • Furni with customisable colours
  • Water floating furni
  • Windows - working on Beta
  • Step-on state switches
  • One-way teleports
  • Lovelocks
  • Jukeboxes
  • Trax
  • Effect givers
  • Mannequin furni
  • Fireworks
  • Chatter furni (furni that produce randomised lines of text.)
  • Rentable spaces within rooms
  • Billboards
  • Multi-user reaction furni (furni that changes when more than one Habbo interacts with it.)
  • Furni that produce sound effects
  • In-room embedded videos
  • Cuckoo Clocks
  • Dice

Original Beta Testers

Habbo 2020 was first tested by Sulake employees and a group of 72 players who logged onto the beta version of the new client through Sandbox.

Puhekupla received and confirmed a list of players from Habbo staff who were chosen to be the first testers - many had worked with Habbo staff in the past. The players chosen were:

Credit to Puhekupla for this information:


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