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Pixels Instructions

Pixels were introduced in November 2008 as a form of points on Habbo that users were able to acquire by spending time on the Hotel. Users were able to buy a small range of furniture. It must be noted that Pixels could not be traded between users or exchanged like Credit Furni. To acquire pixels, users had to log in, receive them every 15 minutes, complete achievements or quests, or join VIP. Users were also able to redeem their pixels for special effects to make their Habbo avatar look more unique. You also had the opportunity redeem pixels for some pieces of furni. Sometimes it required users to add credits along with pixels to make a purchase, so it was important to double-check the price of an item before immediately buying. On the 8th of June 2012, it was announced that pixels would be leaving Habbo on the 19th of the same month. Most Habbos agreed that it was a needed change, whilst some disagreed. A special set of Pixel furniture has been released to commemorate the event.

The Pixel Effects Catalogue Header
Pixels Effects

Pixel Effects

Pixel Effects were special effects that could be purchased from the Catalogue using Pixels and Credits. Pixel effects added special graphic effects to the user's character, such as sparkles or invisibility. Most effects cost between 50 - 139 Pixels, although some premium effects were instead sold for 1 Credit. Most Pixel effects were available to all Habbo users, however, some are only available to VIP users.

The Pixel Effects returned back in February 2013 with the introduction of Duckets.

Name Image Cost
Invisible 89
Frozen 89
Love Birds 89
Yellow UFO 139
Yellow Hover Board 139
Pink UFO 139
Pink Hover Board 139
Blue UFO 139
Blue Hover Board 139
Microphone 89
HRJP-3000 139
Flies 89
Fireflies 89
Butterflies 89
Torch 89
Twinkle 89
Spotlight 89
BluesMobile 139
HelpMobile 139
Bad bad BadMobile 139
RebelMobile 139
DoggyMobile 139

Pixel Furniture

Users were able to redeem their Pixels for a variety of different of furniture and allowed users to purchase a selection of wall paint and flooring. Most of the furniture has been discontinued or moved away towards the new Duckets program.


The Automobile Catalogue Header

The Automobile range of furniture originally came to the hotel in March 2009 but was later removed and brought back to life in February 2013. Originally in 2009, they were available using Pixels. At the same time as this, there were also effects available which would turn a Habbo into a vehicle, the items were available for a mixture of credits and pixels.

Name Image
Safety Cone
Road Signs
Traffic Lights
Bumper Tires


Hello Furniture Catalogue Header

Hello was a furniture range that can be bought primarily with Pixels: ranging from 120 to 160 Pixels, until the removal of Pixels and Pixel Furniture from the catalogue in June 2012. This furniture range is untradeable and bizarrely there are duplicate furniture items under different names (e.g. 2 types of Hello Chairs - "starter chair" and "My first Habbo chair"). There are also some glitched Hello items that can be sold in the Marketplace despite most of them being un-tradeable. The complete list of colours available for these items are:

  • Orange
  • Dark Blue
  • Aubergine
  • Light Blue
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Yellow

Red stripes were also an option for the Chairs (although the colour is actually brown and referred to as "aubergine" on other Hello items) alongside a "Canary Yellow" option for the Lamps.

On the Habbo home page, under the minimail, there used to be a blue box saying "Your next gift!". This meant that a user was able to get Hello Furni without spending Pixels. It would only show them what furniture they will be able to acquire, and a timer displaying how long the offer lasts for.

Name Image
starter chair
starter rug
starter lamp
My first Habbo chair
My first Habbo rug
My first Habbo lamp
My first Habbo table
My first Habbo stool
Lucky Bamboo


The Kuurna Catalogue Header

In April 2011 the small Kuurna furniture line was added to the Pixel Shop. Along with the small furni range, users were also able to use Pixels to purchase a selection of wall and floor coverings.

Name Image
Pixel Dining Chair
Pixel Lamp
Pixel Side Table
Pixel Sofa Chair
Pixel Dining Table
Pixel Sofa
Pixel Shag Rug

Pixel Rentals

Rentals were another type of furniture which Habbos could purchase from the Pixel Shop. Each rental cost 139 Pixels and lasted for one hour. Rentals could not be gifted or traded. There were three types of rentals available:

Name Image
Explosion Rental
Bubbles Rental
Flare Rental

Pixel Pet Accessories

Pixel Pet Accessories were food for Habbo Pets. Prices ranged from 100 pixels, right up to 400 pixels. These foods were all low in energy, the lower the price the lower the energy and the higher the price the higher the energy.

Name Image
Red Tuna
Milk Bowl
Pile Of Letters
TV Remote

Farewell Pixels

In 2012, Pixels were removed from Habbo and as a special gift, Red Kuurna furni was placed in the catalogue. They were re-coloured versions of the original Kuurna furniture set. The red version was also set to tradeable. The Exotic Butterfly and Pixel Memorial were the two exclusive rare items that concluded the pixel program. They were 25 Credits + 15,000 Pixels.

Name Image
Pixel Lamp
Pixel Side Table
Pixel Sofa Chair
Pixel Dining Table
Pixel Sofa
Pixel Memorial
Exotic Butterfly

Pixel Collectibles

The Asteroid, Planet of Love, and Planet of Eternity were all Pixel Collectibles released throughout 2009 to get users to cough up huge amounts of Pixels.

Name Image
Planet of Eternity
Planet of Love
The Asteroid


A complete collection of the various ranges of Pixel furniture (except for the no-longer-available rental range and non-positionable Pixel effects) can be seen in HOSKO02's Pixel Collection.