Modern Studio

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Modern Studio
Release date: May 2017
Available from: Builders Club

Modern Studio is a range of furniture based around a modern studio apartment. So far, it has only been released as a part of the Modern Studio Bundle which has been released twice in May of 2017 and 2018. It was also available to use in Builders Club.


Name Image Name Image
Perky Pug Perky Pug.png Studio Bed Studio Bed.png
Studio Chair Studio Chair.png Drawing Equipment Drawing Equipment.png
Studio Desk Studio Desk.png Ideas Board Ideas Board.png
Studio Corner Table Studio Corner Table.png Studio Floorboards Studio Floorboards.png
Studio Lamp Studio Lamp.png Studio Records Studio Records.png
Studio Incense Studio Incense.png Studio Workstation Studio Workstation.png
Studio Desk Lamp Studio Desk Lamp.png Studio Table Studio Table.png
Decorative Photos Decorative Photos.png Decorative Artwork Decorative Artwork.png
Studio Pillow Studio Pillow.png Aloe Plant Aloe Plant.png
Artist's Literature Artist's Literature.png Studio Rug Studio Rug.png
Studio Shelving Studio Shelving.png Studio Sofa Studio Sofa.png
Mini Speakers Mini Speakers.png Studio TV Studio TV.png
Studio Wall Studio Wall.png

Room Bundles

All Modern Studio furniture has only been available by buying the Modern Studio Bundle.