Hotel Versions (V51-V63)

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Every so often, the hotel receives a few interesting updates and the hotel version/released used to change. This occurred right up until R/V63, when Sulake decided to introduce "builds" instead (e.g. Build 1335) and also, we now refer to the updates past V/R33 as "BETA updates". Different releases/versions used to be a rare occasion back in 2000-2003 but they became more common as Sulake and Habbo Hotel grew in size. Here is a list of what V51 - V63 brought to the hotel:


Runway Winning Outfit
  • Groups now had a limit of 10,000 'reactions' on a topic. Once a topic reached 10,000 reactions it would automatically close.
  • New clothes were added (including the winning outfit from Habbo Runway, which was chosen by Miley Cyrus).


  • VIPs now had the ability to have rooms without walls.
  • New faces and clothes were added.
  • Players could now add a number onto the back of their shirt - to celebrate the World Cup 2010 campaign.


  • No major changes occurred here, except that Habbos and pets loaded differently in rooms.


New Swimwear
  • Additional character settings were added to the "Me" menu.
  • New clothes (swimwear) was added for Summer.


  • Habbo ID received a small update.
  • It became easier to log in via 3rd party services.
  • It became easier for players to add secondary E-mails to their accounts.


Lion and Rhino
  • A few new pet items were added alongside the release of Lions and Rhinos.
  • Savannah furniture was also added in this release.


  • A small update - a new login page.


Battle Banzai Catalog Image
  • A new 'Home' button was added.
  • The 'Club benefits' box now popped up when a player logged in.
  • The 'Buy in catalogue' button was added beneath the Inf-O-Matic for furniture items.
  • The maximum amount of furniture allowed in a room expanded.
  • Users could now use the CTRL button to pick up furniture items.
  • URLs became underlined, in blue font and click-able.
  • Battle Banzai entered the hotel.


  • Players now had the ability to share rooms via Facebook.
  • The "Thumbs down" option was removed from room rating.
  • Embedded URLs were updated.


  • Avatars now loaded as a transparent outline as opposed to the previous black outline.


  • The registration page was updated yet again.
  • The 'o/' short-cut for waving was temporarily removed - it was later re-added.


  • Wired furniture entered the hotel.


Ice Tag
  • Ice Tag was added into the hotel.
  • Achievement scores were added.
  • A window would now pop up when a player gained an achievement.
  • Users now had the ability to share their achievements on Facebook.
  • The zoom in/out icon was removed from the toolbar and so was the 'Go to Home Room/Hotel view' icon.
  • The Inf-O-Matic was updated.
  • Fast Food was introduced

Anything after this point is considered a "build". For example, V63 - Build 1301.