Xmas Castles

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XMAS Castles
Release date: December 2012
Category: Christmas

Xmas Castles is a furniture line that was released during the Christmas period on Habbo during December 2012. It entered the Catalogue on the 7th December and featured 17 new items. The range included 3 variations of Castle Floors and 2 variations of Castle Walls. The prices originally ranged from 3-10 Credits. As well as this, two new, Christmas-themed Limited Edition Rares were released.

To carry on with the festivities, the XMAS Castle items were included in a room competition which allowed players to submit rooms of cosy castles in the hope of winning prizes such as Badges.


Catalogue Furniture

Name Image Name Image
Barley Barrel
Barley Barrel.png
Castle Bar Desk
Castle Bar Desk.png
Castle Dining Chair
Castle Dining Chair.png
Castle Door
Castle Door.png
Castle Fireplace
Castle Fireplace.png
Castle Floor
Castle Floor.png
Castle Floor
Castle Floor II.png
Castle Floor
Castle Floor III.png
Castle Window
Castle Window.png
Christmas Ham
Christmas Ham.png
Feasting Table
Feasting Table.png
Beige Castle Arch
Beige Castle Arch.png
Grey Castle Arch
Grey Castle Arch.png
Green Castle Arch
Green Castle Arch.png
Castle Wall
Castle Wall.png
Castle Wall
Castle Wall II.png

Limited Edition Rares

The Santa Throne was released on December 15th. There were 200 units available for 80 Credits and 40 Diamonds each, which all sold. The Santa's Workbench released on December 16th. There were 200 units available for 40 Credits and 20 Diamonds each, which all sold.

Name Image
Santa Throne SantaThrone.png
Santa's Workbench SantaBench.gif