Habbo Stars

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Habbo Stars
Stars furni logo.png
Release date November 2012
Season N/A
Available from: Builders Club

This page is about the Habbo Stars furniture line and event. If you are looking for the currency, click here

Habbo Stars is a furniture range that was released onto the hotel in conjunction with the international Habbo Stars talent campaign, run for two weeks in November 2012.

As well as the furniture line, which is still available in Builders Club today, new Official Rooms, Effects and 13 Badges were added. For the first time, you could also buy the upgraded user-owned Bots from the catalogue.


Builders Club

Name Image
Stage Smoker Hs smoke.pngSmoke-white.gifSmoke-pink.gifSmoke-green.gifSmoke-blue.gif
Star Carpet Hs carpet.png Hs carpet black.png
Blue floor lights Hs blue lights.png
Pink light strips Hs pink lights.png
Circular Stage Hs circstage.png
Applause Sign Hs applause.png
Balcony Hs balcony.png
Black Stairs Hs black stairs.png
Black Star Stage Hs black star stage.png
Long Black Stage Hs black long stage.png
Blue Stairs Hs blue stairs.png
Blue Star Stage Hs stage blue.png
Long Blue STage Hs long blue stage.png
Pink Stairs Hs pink stairs.png
Pink Star Stage Hs stage pink.png
Long Pink Stage Hs pink long stage.png
Dance steps Hs dance steps.png
Habnam Style Hs habnam style.png
Stage Backdrop Hs stage backdrop.png
Stage Up light Hs stage uplight.png
Star Chair Hs star chair.png
Stars Wall Lamp Hs star wall lamp.png

Previous items

Some items were only released in the original campaign, and have not been added subsequently to the Builders Club catalogue.

The Backstage Passes that users received daily could be exchanged at a new version of the Ecotron, the Prize Matic.

Name Image
hs_box name Hs box name.png
Backstage Pass Hs bpass.gif


For the first time, you could now purchase bots from the catalogue: a Casual Bot (previously Robbie) and a Waiter/Serving Bot.

Name Image Actions Price (at release)
Casual Bot (previously Robbie) Casual-Bot.png Can say user-assigned text, walk around, dance, be renamed and be dressed. 25 Credits
Waiter/Serving Bot Waiter-Bot.png Can serve hand items (juice, milk, latte, water, regular coffee, decaf coffee or tea) Either 40 Credits OR 20 Diamonds (two options)

Diamond Rares

During the Habbo Stars campaign, Diamonds returned as a special currency, and could be exchanged for Coins, or spent on the new Diamond Rares. The podium was 25 credits and 12 diamonds while the Uplink station was 50 credits and 25 diamonds.

Each item also gave the user a badge when purchased.

Name Image Badge
Diamond Podium Dia podium.gif For purchasing the Rare Diamond Podium
Diamond Uplink station Dia uplink.gif For purchasing the Rare Diamond Uplink Station


More SFX was also added to the catalogue during the Habbo Stars Campaign.

Name Image
Big Finish SFX Sfx bigfinish jamesbrown.png
Drum Loop SFX Sfx drumloop.png
Dub Step SFX Sfx dubstep1.png
Dub Step II SFX Sfx dubstep2.png
Dub Step III SFX Sfx dubstep3.png
Dubstep 3.2: Yay For Peanuts! SFX Sfx dubstep3 2.png
Funky Horn SFX Sfx funkhorn.png
Highhat Intro SFX Sfx highhatintro.png
Hey! SFX Sfx jamesbrown hey.gif
Pad 1 SFX Sfx pad1.png
Pad 2 SFX Sfx pad2.png
Pad 3 SFX Sfx pad3.png
Xylophone IISFX Sfx xylo2.png
Xylophone SFX Sfx xylo.png
Xylophone High SFX Sfx xylo high.png
Xylophone Pattern SFX Sfx xylopattern.png

Prize Matic


Based on the Ecotron, the Prize Matic was a new section of the catalogue released for the Habbo Stars event. Users could gain a backstage pass just by entering the official Backstage Room created for the event.

Users could then exchange three Backstage Passes in the machine for either a:

  • Stage Smoke Machine (rare)
  • Dance Steps (most common)
  • Black Star Stage (common)


Habbo Stars was primarily a talent competition for players across any hotel internationally. It was split into four categories: Dance, Voice, Fashion and Room Building.

Bot-Band Room Competition

The Bot Band competition was a building competition where users had to make a room for a bot to perform in. The only rules were it had to contain a Drum SFX, a Mars Walk and a Black Stage Piece.

The competition gave out badges for participating, top 100 and top 10, but it was changed in late November as it was discovered there was a glitch where users could enter without having the required furni. The badge was changed to a troll image with the code 'GLITCH' and it was re-run.


The re-run competition gave users one of the following badges (again for participation, top 100 and top 10).

StarsRoom2.gif StarsRoom2 Top10.gif StarsRoom2 Top100.gif

The winners of the competition in the UK were:

  • .:Criddie:.
  • .GaguSh.
  • IcedPanda
  • KrazyKay17
  • happy!
  • lolcatTheTiny
  • pps27
  • zwd

Blooper Competition

The Bloopers Video Competition asked users to create a song and video it - then upload the funny bits (mistakes) as a blooper video to YouTube. The winners were picked by the number of Likes on YouTube (after being reviewed by Habbo Staff).

The winners won a trophy from Puffin and a badge.


Fame competition

To win the Fame competition, Habbos had to receive as many respects from other users on the hotel. There was a badge for everyone who participated, the top 100 most-respected and top 10 most-respected.

HabboFameComp.gifHabboFameComp Top10.gifHabboFameComp Top100.gif

The winners (excluding banned users as of January 2018) were:

  • Admiral
  • Alison
  • Hardcore
  • Ranger
  • Special
  • Spiffy
  • zwd


There was a set of quests for Habbos to complete to win the final badges.

The first set of quests were easy ones where Habbos learned how to sing. Everyone who completed all of the below quests got a badge.


Learn To Sing!
Pick up a mic from the Habbo Stars Lounge and activate the effect
The basics...
Jump on a stage with a microphone and say the words "I love you"
Rhyme Time
Kick off your rhyme by saying I three times, to a crowd of at least 10 people
BOT Star
Find out the name of the bot (Botcelli) in the Backstage room and speak it outloud!

The second set of tasks focused around learning to dance. Everyone who completed all of the below quests got a badge.


Dance to complete the challenge
Dance with Friends
Dance with at least 1 other person in 10 different rooms
Walk on a Marswalk tile
Gangnam Style
Stand on a Gangnam tile
Gangnam with Friends
Stand on a Gangnam tile and dance with 10 other Habbos
Go to the Dancefloor and form a square with 7 other Habbos

The third set of tasks focused on becoming a VIP rock star. Everyone who completed all of the below quests got a badge.


Wear sunglasses
Put your sunglasses on
Hire bodyguards
Hire four bodyguards wearing black sunglasses and a skull T-shirt
Answer Journalists
Stand with five journalists with a microphone
Have Fans
Have ten 'fans' stand around you with love signs


There were four new Effects added for users at the beginning of November.

Name Image
Golden Microphone Hs microphone.png
Golden Glasses Hs sunglasses.png
Mars Walk Hs marswalk.png
Golden Spotlight Hs spotlight.png

Official Rooms

There were four official rooms for the Habbo Stars campaign, HS BSTAGE (backstage), HS LOUNGE (lounge), HS MAIN STAGE and HS DANCEFLOOR.



  • The long blue stage has been misspelled "Long Blue STage" since its release and has not been corrected.
  • There was a technical glitch with the room competition so it had to be re-run.

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