Summer Bazaar

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Summer Bazaar is the campaign that ran throughout August 2017. The campaign was themed around India and the natural habitats there, and included the release of New Catalogue furniture range, rares, limited edition rares, room bundles, and crafting.

Summer Bazaar
Release date: August 2017
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club (Seasonally)
Previous Campaign:
Seaside Town
Next Campaign:


Catalogue Furniture

Name Image
Bazaar Balcony Bazaar c17 balcony.png
Alice the Camel Bazaar c17 camel.png
Bazaar Curtain Bazaar c17 curtain.png
Bazaar Roof Bazaar c17 clothroof.png
Bazaar Roof Corner Bazaar c17 clothroof2.png
Bazaar House Bazaar c17 building.png
Bazaar Pillow Bazaar c17 pillow.png
Bazaar Basket Bazaar c17 basket.png
Bazaar Fruit Basket Bazaar c17 fruitbasket.png
Chilli Rope Bazaar c17 chillies.png
Bazaar Vase Bazaar vase.gif
Bazaar Lamp Bazaar c17 lamp.png
Marketplace Roof Bazaar c17 marketroofsmall.png
Large Marketplace Roof Bazaar c17 marketroofbig.png
Bowl of Spice Bazaar c17 spice.png
Marketplace Display Bazaar c17 displaytable.png
Bazaar Rug Bazaar rug.gif
Leg of Lamb Bazaar c17 meat.png
Lizard on a Stick Bazaar c17 sticklizard.png
Bazaar Pots Bazaar c17 pots.png
Bazaar Arch Bazaar c17 arch.png


Name Image Badge
Solid Gold Monkey Statue Solid Gold Monkey Statue.png BAZ05.gif
Courtyard Fountain Courtyard Fountain.png BAZ07.gif
Mask of the Cursed Mask of the Cursed.png BAZ06.gif
Desert Kingdom Throne Desert Kingdom Throne.png BAZ08.gif

Limited Edition Rares

The Nelly Limited Edition Rare was released on August 22, 2017.

Name Image Units Price
Nelly Nelly the elephant.gif 270 375 Credits

Room Bundles

The Bazaar Bundle, Arabian Garden Bundle, Desert Oasis Bundle, and Bazaar Tea House Bundle were released during this campaign.


The Curtains, Pillows, Rugs and Vases can be recolored with the use of a dye bucket and some dye colours.